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Making Peace With Your Dental Care

Dentists: if you ask Steve Martin’s character in Little Shop Of Horrors we’re all a bunch of crazies who love inflicting pain. You may not have seen him sing about torturing patients but you’re probably familiar with that reputation! For…

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Smiles Aren’t Just For Smiling

A smile is so much more than just a set of teeth. It is a form of communication, and a tool for healthy living. Missing teeth can make your life more difficult in so many ways. Thankfully, there is no…

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How to Get a New Smile In One Day

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do missing or unhealthy teeth have you covering your mouth in public? Are you having difficulty eating or talking because of poor dental health? What’s stopping you from getting your teeth replaced with dental…

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No Tension With Dental Sedation

When you think of sedation dentistry, you probably think of people who are extremely phobic of the dentist. People who would rather die than get their teeth cleaned. People who couldn’t sit still for an examination even if you paid…

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