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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

A Better Office Environment for a Better Dental Experience

No one thinks of the dentist as a fun place. But why not? A combination of past experiences and second-hand information have given the perception that the dentist office is up there with the post office and the DMV in terms of comfort, convenience, and general pleasantness.

New Albany Implants is different, though, and we want to change your perception. Our office in Southern Indiana not only provides quality dental care, we do so in an environment that is comfortable, convenient, and generally warm and pleasant.

No one should dread going to the dentist. Don’t let an outdated perception keep you from getting the care you need to keep your smile healthy and bright.

Our Difference

At New Albany Implants, we go out of our way to dispel the perception that dentists are painful, and their offices are dreary and uninviting. We want your experience to be pleasant from the time you walk in the door, to the time you leave with a great big smile on your face.

No Wait

Long wait times are one of the worst experiences at a dental office, or any other office for that matter. What is the point of having an appointment if you have to wait an hour after you show up on time to see the dentist? You are absolutely right. Your time is precious to you, and it is precious to us.

Our goal is that no one waits in our office for more than fifteen minutes, and to show that we are serious about this goal, we will reward anyone who waits more than fifteen minutes with a $25 gift card, or a $25 credit towards your bill.

Total Comfort

Your experience in our office should not be of boredom and discomfort. We provide pillows and blankets to makes sure you are comfortable. We have coffee and juice for when you get thirsty. You can watch a DVD or listen to music with the headphones we provide.

In short, we will make you feel at home. The dentist office shouldn’t be a place you want to avoid. It should be warm and inviting, and at New Albany Implants, we make it our mission to be just that.

Pain Free

All the blankets and juice in the world don’t matter if you are afraid of the dentist because you think it will hurt. Maybe you’ve experienced a lot of pain from another dentist, or maybe you’ve heard some horror stories from friends.

Whatever the case, you can put your fears to rest. At New Albany Implants, we practice pain free sedation dentistry. Whether you experience a low level of anxiety at the thought of having your teeth worked on, or if you have full blown dental phobia, we have a sedation solution for you. For severe panic and fear, we offer IV sedation, which will put you to sleep. You will remember nothing about the procedure.

Friendly Staff

The most important thing for a pleasant dental environment is a friendly and welcoming face to greet when you come in. Our staff is always laughing and creating a fun and stress free environment for our patients.

Unfriendly staff can turn you away, and keep you away from our office. We don’t want anybody leaving our office thinking they’ll never come back because the service was terrible, or the environment was off-putting.

We want to see you smiling, so you will see us smiling first!

Join Our Family

New Albany Implants has the experience and equipment necessary to give you the dental care you need to stay healthy. But there is more to us than that. We also strive to create an environment that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. We want you to feel like family because that is the standard we use to make decision about how we treat patients.

Would I do this for my family?

If the answer is no, then we won’t do it for you either. This applies not only to the procedure we provide, but also to how you feel about your visit. From the moment you walk in that door, you are family. So we will treat you like family.

Call us today to make an appointment and let us change your perception of what a dentist office should be.

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