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IV Sedation

IV Sedation ensures your comfort and provides a Shorter Treatment Time

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IV Sedation Dentistry in New Albany, IN

Undergoing a dental procedure can frequently create uneasiness among patients. At New Albany Implants, we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind during every visit. We are thrilled to offer IV Sedation—our innovative approach to making the dental implant process a breeze. This state-of-the-art technique reduces pain, creating a stress-free procedure that substantially improves patient recovery rates.

IV Sedation delivers medication during your dental implant procedure. This safe and controlled method allows you to reach deep relaxation, leaving any anxiety or fear behind while undergoing The One Day Smile Solution™.

Embark on a Stress-Free Path to a Satisfying Smile

Our main goal at New Albany Implants is your comfort whilst providing top-notch dental solutions. Choose our safe IV Sedation technique for a relaxed, anxiety-free experience during your dental implant procedure. Book your appointment now and start your journey to a healthier smile without fear.

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Benefits of Choosing IV Sedation For Your Dental Implants

Choosing IV Sedation during your dental implant procedure can turn a potentially stressful experience into a walk in the park. With this technique, you will be conscious but deeply relaxed, allowing for a quick and painless procedure. Also, recovering from your dental implant procedure is faster, and the post-operative discomfort is significantly less with IV Sedation.

IV Sedation offers a comfortable dental experience and allows us to perform multiple procedures in one visit with The One Day Smile Solution™—saving you valuable time. Bring back your confident smile with New Albany Implants and ease anxiety with the power of IV Sedation.

Exceptional Oral Care and Revamped Smiles

“The staff was very pleasant. They made sure I was as comfortable as possible and answered any questions I had. They encouraged to call back with any questions. When I did call, they happily provided me with answers. They were up front with cost of procedures prior to scheduling.”

Kim H.
Rating: 5

“The staff here is awesome, so very kind and accommodating with all of my quirks and needs. The process has been lengthy due to my gum and bone issues from a serious fall. There were numerous redos and fittings, all included with the initial cost. But the result: perfection! Thanks to all the staff.”

Betty S.
Rating: 5

“These people are awesome! There are not enough stars here to give them. I’m very satisfied in my treatment. Very professional and courteous. I would recommend Dr. Receveur and his staff to anyone who needs dental implants.”

Doug M.
Rating: 5

“This experience has by far been one of the best investments I’ve ever made! My only complaint is that I didn’t go to New Albany Implants sooner instead of wasting so much time and money trying to hold onto my natural teeth. These guys are the BEST!!!”

Jennifer C.
Rating: 5

The Smiles We’ve Helped Create With Our Dental Implants

Supported by 40+ Years of Service, Innovative Techniques, and Quality Care

IV Sedation FAQs

Most definitely. IV Sedation ensures your dental visit is fear-free. By alleviating your anxiety, you can focus on what truly matters— reclaiming the confidence that comes with a healthy, bright smile.

Yes, indeed. IV Sedation allows the dentist to perform multiple procedures in one visit, saving substantial time. This means fewer visits to the dental clinic and less disruption to your daily routine, making the whole procedure more efficient and less time-consuming.

IV Sedation is a sedation technique. It helps reduce pain and create a stress-free dental experience, not only during the procedure but also post-operatively. With IV sedation, your anxiety and fear will be left at the doorstep, making way for a pleasant and positive dental implant visit.

Experience The Power Of IV Sedation Today

Transform your dental visits into pleasant experiences with the help of IV Sedation. At New Albany Implants, we prioritize your comfort and well-being by offering this innovative solution to ensure a relaxing, stress-free dental implant procedure. Overcoming dental anxiety and making your journey to a restored smile enjoyable and comfortable is within reach.

By scheduling an appointment with our expert dental team at New Albany Implants, you are opening the door to a new, positive dental experience. Say goodbye to the fear and anxiety that once accompanied dental visits and welcome a soothing and reassuring environment where your comfort takes center stage.

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