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Having his own In-House Lab, State-of-the-Art surgical suite onsite and 3D CAT Scan has allowed Dr. Receveur to provide Complex Rehabilitative Dentistry, Dental Implants, Bone Grafting, Cosmetic Dentistry, Family & Preventive Dentistry, and IV Sedation all in one convenient location.

“People love the Mayo Clinic because everything can be done in one place, cutting out all the red tape. All the appointments, sitting in waiting rooms, hospitals, doctor’s offices … you spend more time “running around” than getting something accomplished. You can come right here to our office and we’ll take care of everything you need, from start to finish! All in One Place!”
– Dr. Ron 

We offer you the latest techniques in Dental Implants, IV Sedation, and Cosmetic Dentistry to give you treatment options, no matter how complex or broken down the condition of your mouth. We can “rescue” the denture patient and can help people who’ve been told they couldn’t be helped. Don’t live with missing or failing teeth, sore dentures, dental fears, and not being able to eat your favorite foods!

Our clientele includes CEOs, top executives, small-business owners, successful salespeople, entrepreneurs, entertainers, models, grandmothers, and regular everyday folks – people who simply want the best dentistry has to offer. We pride ourselves on offering solutions that fit your needs, budget, and time table, whether it be a complex approach costing tens of thousands of dollars or simpler solutions that “just make sense.”

Our patients come from all over – Indiana and Kentucky, as far as Shepherdsville (Kentucky), Madison (Indiana), Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, Indianapolis, and Valparaiso (Indiana) – hundreds of miles away. You could be one of them if you want teeth that look good, feel good, let you chew anything you want, and last a lifetime.

Why Choose Us

  • Voted the Best Dentist – In a local newspaper poll four years in a row, Dr. Receveur and his staff deliver unparalleled service and dental care.
  • One-Day Smile Solution Have failing teeth or missing teeth? Get permanent, strong replacement teeth in a single visit at our office. It’s like snapping your fingers and seeing yourself with a new, beautiful smile!
  • Judgment-Free Zone – We understand that many of our patients are self-conscious about their smiles. We will never make you feel ashamed or embarrassed about the condition of your teeth.
  • In-House Lab – Our own In-House Lab allows us to control the quality and precision of the prosthetics we provide for our patients. It makes all the difference in the world! We customize what we do for every patient so they can have the smile they’ve always wanted.
  • Comprehensive Treatment – Whether you need to maintain your healthy smile or build the smile of your dreams, our office is here for you. We offer all forms of dentistry, including long-lasting dental implants, which we back with a LIFETIME warranty.

What Our Patients Are Saying

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Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!
Get Dr. Receveur's New Book - Teeth for Life: FREE!

Discover what you need to know to get your smile back in as little as one day... Without running around to several offices or doctors!

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