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The Patient’s Guide To Implant Dentistry

Considering getting dental implants? If so you probably have a lot of questions: who should I see, what kind of treatment is best for me, how much will it cost … there are a lot of things to consider! Dental…

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Regrowing Natural Teeth: Is It Possible?

It sounds like something straight out of science fiction. Regrowing your missing teeth? Impossible! If we could actually regrow missing teeth imagine how much the world would change: we wouldn’t have to be nearly as worried about gum disease or…

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Fight Premature Aging With Dental Implants

You know the look: there might have been a grandparent, an elderly aunt, or simply someone you know who suffered from it: the sunken face that comes with tooth loss. Even with dentures it still seems to be there: the…

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Fall In Love With Your Smile All Over Again

Valentine’s day is just around the corner! Maybe you’ve already purchased a gift for your special someone, or already made dinner reservations at their favorite place. Whether you’re still shopping or are ready for the most romantic day of the…

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Letters From Patients Like You

We get a lot of emails from the contact us page here on our website, and a lot of them ask some of the same questions. Today we want to take the time to answer a few letters from patients…

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How An Implant Acts Like A Tooth

Have you considered dental implants but aren’t quite sure what to expect from your procedure? You aren’t alone: a lot of patients are excited to get their implants but simply aren’t quite sure what exactly they are or what’s involved.…

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Preparing For Your Implant Procedure

Your dental implant procedure can seem like a daunting day: it might be looming weeks or months in the future but that doesn’t stop it from being a frightening object on the horizon. Your life will be permanently changed after…

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