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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Eliminate Hassle And Discomfort: Choose Implants

Have your dentures ever let you down? Was it public embarrassment or do they just not allow you to live a happy life? What about the pain and sensitivity in your gums – how long has that been going on? These are the kinds of complaints that drive countless patients to seek our help at New Albany Implants.

Over the years we’ve become widely known as a premier location for eliminating the pain, discomfort, hassle, and misery associated with dentures and lost teeth. We’ve welcomed patients from places as far away as Michigan and New York who’ve wanted to find a solution that they can rely on, and we’re proud to say we’ve changed their lives – just like how we want to change yours.

The Problem With Dentures

You’ve probably heard about some of the crazy things old dentures used to be made from, or the crazy devices created to hold them in place. Springs, ivory, and even lost human teeth have been a part of the history of dentures, yet one thing has remained unchanged: the basic design.

Dentures have always been something you pop into your mouth which is simply supposed to stay put without any kind of permanent attachment. If you’ve worn dentures you know how ridiculous that idea is – they don’t do what they’re supposed to!

Modern dentures are supposed to form a suction seal with your palate and gum arches. This might be true when they’re first put in, but as you know they don’t stay there for very long. Talking can dislodge them, drinking can be difficult, and we don’t even need to mention the hassles of eating. All in all, your dentures don’t do what they were designed to do – and that’s a problem.

It Gets Worse, Doesn’t It?

Combine the fact that your dentures are supposed to help you with the fact that caring for them is a whole other set of chores and difficulty and you have a system that simply doesn’t work. If you’re a denture wearer your bathroom counter is likely littered with cleaning supplies, soaking cups, cases, and other accessories for your dentures – when does it end?

Keeping dentures clean can be difficult, and the price you pay for not being diligent is illness and excess bacteria – not a good compromise. Denture patients are far more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses like MRSA and pneumonia, along with other bacterial illnesses that find an easy way into your body through your mouth.

The hassle that comes along with dentures gets into every part of your life. From eating to socializing to simply getting ready for bed in the evening. You don’t deserve to live like that, and you don’t have to with dental implants!

What Makes Dental Implants A Better Option

A dental implant is a metal screw, about the size of a natural tooth root, that is placed in your jaw. Once healed, a dental implant behaves almost exactly like a natural tooth. That means you get the stability, reliability, and support that a regular tooth would give without any of the hassle of dentures.

What’s even better, dental implants are able to be used to replace a single tooth, partial dentures, or even your complete dentures. They really are an amazing solution to the problems that dentures present!

  • With the One Day Smile Solution you’ll have a permanent set of teeth that stay in place for life. They’re attached to four dental implants that are precision placed for maximum support and stability. You won’t have to do anything to care for them besides simply brushing your teeth!
  • Implant supported dentures allow you to continue living with your dentures, but without the constant slip and slide that they’re always doing. Using just a few dental implants we can modify your dentures to snap in place and stay right there until you take them out at the end of the day!
  • We can also use a series of implant bridges to eliminate your partial dentures. No more gum irritation, sensitivity, or discomfort!

It Can Get Better!

We offer many more dental implant treatments, and we can custom fit one to meet your exact needs. There’s no reason to deal with the hassle and discomfort of dentures anymore – let us help you live a better, more comfortable life!

You can reach our New Albany office by calling us at (812) 945-7645 or simply request a dental implant consultation by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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