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Why Dentures Just Aren’t Worth It Anymore

All throughout history there have been records of dentures. Some were made of gold, others ivory, and during the Napoleonic Wars dentures were even made from the teeth of fallen soldiers. We’ve had a lot of different ways to replace…

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Close Your Eyes And Wake Up With A New Smile!

One of the major reasons people put off dental treatment of any kind is because of the time commitment. Many patients have come to our New Albany office with a desire for a particular procedure only to be scared away…

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a man wearing glasses and smiling with healthy teeth

Greet The New Year With A New Smile

2016 is almost upon us. The holidays are in full swing, your life is busier than ever, and chances are you’re looking forward to the calm that will come with the new year. Even here in New Albany we’re looking…

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Ditch Your Dentures In Just One Day!

How long have you been wearing those old dentures? If the answer is “a while” then it has probably been too long! Your dentures are meant to last a long time but that doesn’t mean your enjoyment of them does!…

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