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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Why Dentures Just Aren’t Worth It Anymore

All throughout history there have been records of dentures. Some were made of gold, others ivory, and during the Napoleonic Wars dentures were even made from the teeth of fallen soldiers. We’ve had a lot of different ways to replace missing teeth over the centuries, but there’s always been one thing in common: they sit on top of gums and don’t really work that well!

Thankfully you’re not living in an era where dead infantrymen were the most popular source of replacement teeth. Modern technology has made dentures, both partial and full, obsolete. There are a whole bunch of reasons why dentures just aren’t worth the hassle anymore.

Dentures Don’t Stay Put

If you’ve worn dentures for any length of time you know how unreliable they can be. They slip, they slide, they fall out, and they always seem ready to embarrass you. How many times have your dentures given you pause before you spoke, laughed, or smiled? Even once is too often!

Dentures rely on suction to stay put, which also means they need to be precisely fit to even have a hope of staying put. The bone that makes up your palate and arches doesn’t remain static – in fact it continues to shrink due to bone loss for the rest of your life. The end result is dentures that, even with regular adjustment, aren’t reliable.

Your Gums WILL Become Irritated

Your gums aren’t meant to constantly have the pressure and force of a whole set of teeth on them. Teeth disburse all the force from chewing into your jawbone, and not onto your gums! The constant pushing on soft tissue can result in sores, irritation, inflammation, and not a whole lot of desire to keep wearing your dentures!

Of course, there are creams and other products that can ease your discomfort, but they aren’t that effective and usually just end up making your mouth feel gross. Living with that kind of constant discomfort can be incredibly irritating!

Dentures Don’t Help Your Social Life

Whether it’s time out with friends or celebrating with family you’re not going to be too happy about doing it in dentures. The embarrassment, discomfort, and constant restrictions on your diet can make your social life frustrating and uncomfortable – and you don’t deserve it.

We’ve had many patients at our New Albany office who were miserable with their dentures, and we completely understand why: they don’t work for them, they’re a constant source of frustration, and they severely restrict their lifestyle!

Don’t Put Up With Dentures Any Longer

All this talk of the technology of the past probably has you wondering if there’s a reasonable alternative to dentures, and there’s good news: there is, and it’s available at New Albany Implants!

We focus in replacing teeth with state-of-the-art dental implants – so much so that it’s right in our name! We can eliminate your dependency on both full and partial dentures with just a few precision placed implants, and here’s the even better news: your new teeth will stay in place for as long as you have them. They’re permanent!

Dental implants are small titanium posts, about the size of a natural tooth root. They’re placed directly into your jaw where your teeth used to be, and by healing they form a super strong bond with your bone – just as strong as a natural tooth, in fact!

We restore our dental implants with single tooth crowns, bridges, and even full mouth bridges designed to completely replace dentures. Don’t be concerned about having to wait months to get teeth either – we can place four to six implants and have you in a permanent fixed set of teeth in just a single appointment.

We’re confident that you’ll absolutely love your dental implants. They’ll give you all the bite force that you’ve been missing, the natural look you’re longing for, and the reliability in your teeth that’s been missing for years.

Getting Implants Is Easy At New Albany Implants

From the moment we perform your first consultation you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to restore your smile. Your treatment plan will include every expense so that you won’t be surprised by any small extras. We believe in giving you all the information and options you have up front.

If you’re ready to find out what we can do to replace your dentures don’t wait another day. You can call our southern Indiana office at (812) 945-7645 or you can request an implant consultation online. We look forward to creating the perfect smile for you!

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