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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Close Your Eyes And Wake Up With A New Smile!

One of the major reasons people put off dental treatment of any kind is because of the time commitment. Many patients have come to our New Albany office with a desire for a particular procedure only to be scared away by the number of visits, the wait for their new teeth, or some other time-related problem.

It’s true – a lot of the advanced dental implant treatment we do at New Albany Implants has been very time consuming in the past. But things have changed a lot between now and then. We’re actually able to give you a completely new set of teeth in just a single visit – you’ll honestly close your eyes and wake up with a new smile!

How Is It Possible?

Thanks to advanced dental implant technology and our full range of dental sedation options, we can provide an easy, one-stop solution to your dental implant needs. Our One Day Smile Solution has allowed us to craft a treatment procedure that has you in and out of our office in just a few hours with a set of new, fixed-in-place teeth that act just like the real thing.

It starts with dental sedation: we can use IV “twilight” sedation or general anesthesia to put you under while we perform your implant procedure. This allows us to get more accomplished in one sitting since you’ll be asleep the whole time.

Unlike many dental procedures that can take multiple trips because you can only tolerate so much, we use sedation to make your visit quick, easy, and hassle-free!

The second part of the equation lies in our immediate-load dental implants. By placing a series of implants at different angles we can give you a comfortable and immediately stable solution that can support teeth as soon as they’re placed. This typically consists of four implants that are immediately capped with a full mouth bridge that is screwed in place.

By the time your anesthesia wears off you’ll be wearing your new teeth! Aside from minimal discomfort and a soft-food diet you’ll be ready to enjoy your new smile!

No One Wants To Wait!

We see a lot of patients who wear dentures and need to be rid of them now. We understand – dentures can be cumbersome, irritating, and incredibly unreliable. When you’ve made the decision to get implants there’s no waiting: it’s time to get them done now.

In the past you used to have implants placed and then were required to wait for weeks, or even months, before you would get your permanent teeth. In between you either wore ugly abutment caps, your old dentures, or simply suffered without any teeth – not exactly the ideal situation!

That’s why we’re so glad we can offer our One Day Smile Solution. Using advanced computer planning, state-of-the-art digital imaging of your mouth, and some of the most advanced hardware in the dental industry we can honestly say you’ll be wearing a whole new set of teeth in just a few hours!

One Appointment For A Life-Changing Set Of Teeth

After a consultation visit with us you’ll have your procedure scheduled. Once we place your implants and attach your fixed bridge you’ll be given approximately three months of healing time before we attach your final fixed bridge, which is custom-designed for your mouth.

Don’t let that fool you into thinking the temporary bridge is fake looking: many of our patients are amazed at how good their temp bridge looks! You’ll have a realistic set of teeth the moment you leave our office. Your final set is custom fit for a longer lasting, more comfortable set of teeth that will last you a lifetime. With regular maintenance and good oral hygiene habits you can be living with permanent teeth and enjoying all the benefits for years to come!

One Day To Transform Your Smile: Call Today!

We’re ready to see you at our New Albany office as soon as you want to stop coping with dentures and start living with implants. All it takes is that first phone call to our office, and before you know it your life will change!

Schedule a risk-free consultation today by calling (812) 945-7645 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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