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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Why Try New Albany Implants?

Hello and welcome to the last June installment of the New Albany Implants blog!

We are glad that you found our online home, and we’d love to see your smiling face in one of our chairs this summer. If you don’t feel much smiling, on account of tooth loss, we can help turn your frown upside down with one of our dental implant procedures that is designed to last a lifetime.

For today’s post we have compiled a few reasons to consider getting a restorative treatment from the area’s premier implant practice. When you are finished reading, be sure to get in-touch with our team to schedule your consultation!

We Will Make It A Pain-Free Procedure

Unlike many of the other well-meaning practices in Southern Indiana, we can provide you with sedation dentistry as well as the most advanced anesthesia methods while you are entrusted to our care.

To get the kind of depth we offer, you’d normally have to go over to Clark Memorial Hospital to find something comparable. With us you will be comfortably numb, and possibly even fast asleep during your time here.

We Have Unmatched Experience

We don’t like to toot our own horn, but it is worth mentioning that Dr. Ron had a personal encounter with missing teeth as a youth, and has since amassed many years of hands-on experience placing dental implants.

You would be hard pressed to find another dentist in the region who has studied with some of the pioneers of implant dentistry. Dr. Ron learned the craft under Dr. Jack Hahn, among others.

All that is to simply say that you’re in good hands with us!

We Do It All Right Here

At New Albany Implants there is never a need for outsourcing. Your imaging, modeling, placement, are all performed onsite.

That means we can control both the quality and the costs of your dental implant treatment.

We Offer Less Waiting With Teeth In One Day

Our One Day Smile Solution will take you from getting implants placed to having a full set of permanent teeth in one easy visit.

Try finding that kind of service elsewhere!

We Can Handle Tough Cases

When other dentists tell you that you don’t have enough bone mass for implants, we usually disagree.

With the help of new technologies, we are able to reliably place mini-dental implants into some of the toughest situations.

We Treat You Like Family

There’s one thing that we pride ourselves on around here: we never do work on you that we wouldn’t do for a member of our families.

If we don’t think a treatment will deliver great results for you, we’ll figure out a solution that makes more sense for YOU!

We Are Proud To Say That Our Implants Are Guaranteed

All of our dental implants come with peace of mind in the form of a ten-year “no worry” warranty. In that timespan, if your implant should fail from normal use, we’ll replace it without stipulation.

We guarantee that you can smile without hesitation, and eat with confidence moving forward!

Come See For Yourself!

We hope that you have been inspired to improve the health and appearance of your smile! Now it is time to take the next step and see for yourself all the possibilities that await!

Contact us online or by calling (812) 945-7645 to schedule your dental implant consultation at New Albany Implants of New Albany, Indiana!

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