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The Cost Of NOT Getting Dental Implants

Tooth loss is far more common than most people know. It’s also more treatable than many people realize. Excellent options exist for teeth replacements in modern dentistry, but many people are put off by what they perceive as the cost…

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Long-Lasting, Natural-Looking Dental Bridges

Losing teeth is never easy for anyone. It can affect different people in different ways, but some concerns come up over and over again. Many people feel self-conscious, even embarrassed, by the gaps in their smiles. Many people feel frustrated…

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Regrowing Natural Teeth: Is It Possible?

It sounds like something straight out of science fiction. Regrowing your missing teeth? Impossible! If we could actually regrow missing teeth imagine how much the world would change: we wouldn’t have to be nearly as worried about gum disease or…

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The Psychology of a Smile

Good day, Southern Indiana! In previous blogs from the office of New Albany Implants, we have focused quite a bit on the health and functionality of your teeth and not so much on how they look. To a certain extent,…

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The Anatomy of a Tooth

Hello again, Southern Indiana! We are back with another informational blog from the office of New Albany Implants. Information is the most useful tool you have in your mission to protect your oral health. Keeping your teeth healthy for as…

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Zirconium Bridges: Are They for You?

One of the things we stress often in this blog is the dangers of not replacing missing teeth. It not only has a dramatic effect on your appearance, but it also has a great negative impact on your health. Missing…

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Get The Answers You Need About Dental Implants

If you wear dentures, you’ve probably heard of dental implants. However, you may not have received all the facts. At our office in New Albany, Indiana we provide implants for those who want a happier, healthier, and worry-free smile. Let…

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