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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Zirconium Bridges: Are They for You?

One of the things we stress often in this blog is the dangers of not replacing missing teeth. It not only has a dramatic effect on your appearance, but it also has a great negative impact on your health. Missing teeth can age you prematurely by causing your cheeks to sink in, and they also affect your ability to chew healthy foods, which can lead to malnourishment and obesity.

Here at New Albany Implants, we want you to be aware of the variety of tooth replacement options that are available to you in Southern Indiana. A dental bridge is one of the most popular form of tooth replacement for people who are only missing one or two teeth. Dental bridges more permanent and stable than dentures, but not as invasive as dental implants.

Here are some things to consider about dental bridges:

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a form of tooth replacement in which dental crowns are attached to a healthy tooth on either side of the gap left by a missing tooth, effectively “bridging” the gap with a crown, or a series of crowns, that replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Bridges are a permanent and effective solution to missing teeth. They will not only fill the gaps in your smile, they will also keep your remaining teeth from drifting, and restore balance to your bite pressure. Missing teeth can affect your speech, as well as change the shape of your face. Dental bridges will combat these problems, too.

Not all dental bridges are the same, though. They can vary in size and materials. the type of bridge you use depends which teeth need to be replaced and what you can afford.

How Are Zirconium Bridges Different?

These bridges are made from zirconium oxide, dental ceramic note for its strength and natural appearance.

1. They Are Natural Looking – zirconium bridges blend in with your natural teeth, no one will be able to tell the difference between your replacement teeth, and the ones you already have. Plus, zirconium bridges have no metal base, which is an issue with traditional dental bridges because you can see a strip of metal at the gum line. This does not happen with zirconium bridges. They blend perfectly into your natural gum line.

2. They Are Strong and Stable – zirconium oxide is a very strong substance that is resistant to cracking and has very high thermal expansion. Because of this zirconium oxide is used in a variety of building and automotive materials, but it also means that your zirconium bridges will be able to withstands the rigorous environment of the human mouth. The repeated chewing and gnashing of different foods of various densities and temperatures will provide no problems for your dental bridges.

3. They Require Less Preparation – With traditional bridges, the healthy teeth that will be used as anchors must be reduced in order to fit the crowns. The same is true for zirconium bridges, but the amount of healthy tooth that must be stripped away is much less.

4. They Are Biocompatible – Arguably, the greatest benefit to zirconium bridges is that zirconium oxide gets along well with your body. This cannot always be said of traditional bridges with metal bases. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon people to have an allergic reaction to the metal used in traditional bridges. This is not an issue with zirconium bridges because of their biocompatibility. Living tissue doesn’t seem to have the problems with zirconium oxide that it does with metal.

The last thing that you want is for your dental solution to cause more problems, that is why zirconium bridges are an excellent choice for people who are prone to allergic reactions.

Visit New Albany Implants

When you are considering a tooth replacement solution, come to our office in Southern Indiana for a consultation on what procedure is right for you. There are several things to take into account when choosing a tooth replacement solution, like your current oral health and the expense.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss your options and help you get the smile you need to stay healthy and looking great.

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