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A Roadmap For Your Implant Care

There’s a lot that goes into planning a treatment sequence for dental implants. You probably have countless questions, there’s a ton of options, and it can be a real mystery for both patient and doctor alike! At New Albany Implants…

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The Truth About Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing lost teeth there’s no better choice than dental implants. These amazing and tiny titanium rods can give you a permanent smile that you don’t have to take out every night! Even if you’re just missing…

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Ditch Your Dentures In Just One Day!

How long have you been wearing those old dentures? If the answer is “a while” then it has probably been too long! Your dentures are meant to last a long time but that doesn’t mean your enjoyment of them does!…

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Why Choose A Dental Implant?

The loss of a single tooth can really change your life. If you’re suffering from one, several, or a whole mouthful of lost teeth dental implants are your best option for reliable, lifelike, and beautiful treatment! At New Albany Implants…

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Beat Denture Woes with the One Day Smile Solution

If you have missing teeth, or unhealthy teeth that are causing you pain, then you may need to consider a tooth replacement solution. But you don’t want dentures. They are awkward and uncomfortable. Isn’t there something better? There sure is.…

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