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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Beat Denture Woes with the One Day Smile Solution

If you have missing teeth, or unhealthy teeth that are causing you pain, then you may need to consider a tooth replacement solution.

But you don’t want dentures. They are awkward and uncomfortable. Isn’t there something better?

There sure is. At New Albany Implants we are passionate about keeping Southern Indiana smiling and healthy. Dentures are a solution, but they are not necessarily the best solution. We offer a dental implant procedure called the One Day Smile Solution that will make denture worries a thing of the past.

The Problem with Dentures

The fit is the most important thing when it comes to dentures, and it can also cause a lot of the problems. Ill fitting dentures can be uncomfortable. They can slide around in your mouth as you eat and talk. They can even rub against your gums and cause sores to develop, which could become a major health problem if the sores get infected.

At the very least, dentures that don’t fit properly can making eating and talking uncomfortable. They can fall out when you laugh, or when you chew, making you self-conscious in social situations. You don’t want to be out to dinner with your friends or family and be worrying about your dentures all night. How could you have any fun?

Dentures also requires foul tasting adhesives to stay in place. Who wants to put nasty dental glue in their mouth just to keep their teeth in. And these adhesives can be fairly unreliable, as well. You will still have to watch what you eat to avoid embarrassing at the dinner table.

They can also be a pain in the neck to take care of. You need special cleansers. You have to take them out. They need to soak in a glass to stay moist and keep their shape. Taking care of dentures is awkward and inconvenient, a lot of extra work at the end of your day.

The One Day Smile Solution

At New Albany Implants, we recommend trying the One Day Smile Solution as a way to beat the problems that come with dentures. For this procedure, we will place four implants into your jawbone. These implants will act as an anchor to secure a full set of dentures directly to your jaw.

A permanent solution.

No more messy adhesives. No more sliding dentures. The One Day Smile Solution will give a secure fit that won’t have your dentures popping out at the most inopportune moment. This makes for a permanent solution to your denture problems.

Eat what you want.

You had to watch what you eat with dentures. Eat a bowl of fresh blackberries and you might get a seed stuck between your dentures and gums. That could hurt.

You might be enjoying a bowl of hot tomato soup, and the next thing you know, your teeth are in your soup. You can send the soup back, but it won’t stop the embarrassment.

The One Day Smile Solution acts just like real teeth, so you can eat what you want, no more awkward mishaps at the dinner table.

One of the best features of the One Day Smile Solution is that it is easy to clean and take care of. Just treat it like real teeth. Brush and floss twice a day, and come into our office for regular checkups.

A New Smile In One Day

One of the great benefits the One Day Smile Solution is that we can use it to fix your smile in only one day.

3D CAT scan

Unlike most dentist offices, we do not have send you off-site for a 3D CAT scan of your teeth. This high resolution detailed image is essential for diagnosing your candidacy for implants and planning a procedure.

Since we have our imaging equipment in our office, we do not have to send you all over Southern Indiana before we can replace your smile.

Temporary smile

You will not leave our office without a smile! Even though it will take some time for your implants to bond to your jawbone. We will cover your implants with a temporary tooth replacement, so you can leave our office feeling confident about your appearance.

Painfree Dentistry

Dental sedation is a big part of what we do at New Albany Implants. Fear of pain is one of the biggest deterrents to receiving necessary dental care. But there is nothing to fear. Dental sedation takes the pain out of dentistry.

IV sedation

If you have a deep seeded fear of the dentist, then IV sedation may be necessary. This will put you completely under, so that you feel nothing, see nothing, and hear and taste nothing. You are asleep! When you wake up you’ll have a brand new smile.

Let Us Help You

There is no need to put up with the woes of dentures any longer. Contact New Albany Implants to schedule an appointment to find out if the One Day Smile Solution is for you.

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