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A Dental Bridge Can Take Your Smile Places

Hello and welcome to another August edition of the New Albany Implants blog! Today, we want to reach out to anyone who has been adversely impacted by tooth loss as an adult. What we want to say to you is…

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Why Your Dental Bridge Material Matters

Bridges are by far the most common method of replacing lost teeth. While there are more advanced methods available in modern dentistry the cost of those methods doesn’t always make them a viable alternative. Even bridges have a range of…

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The Best Dental Bridge Material

If you’re missing a single tooth and have been looking for a cost-effective and permanent way to replace it you should really consider a dental bridge from New Albany Implants! We can create a bridge that will fit well, last…

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What Causes Tooth Loss?

Lost teeth might be our bread and butter, but we would rather see you for reasons! In the constant battle to fight tooth loss and dental damage we’ve found a few pretty regular culprits for the loss of teeth. The…

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Zirconium Bridges: Are They for You?

One of the things we stress often in this blog is the dangers of not replacing missing teeth. It not only has a dramatic effect on your appearance, but it also has a great negative impact on your health. Missing…

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