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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Is Dental Sedation Right For You?

The patients we see at New Albany Implants are all unique people who have different needs and expectations about their dental care. We’ve developed plenty of treatments and methods of helping those patients get the care they need, and nothing has been more successful than our use of a wide variety of dental sedation options.

The changing focus in dentistry away from simply providing care to providing compassionate, individualized care has been a great benefit for all our dental patients. We can make everyone feel comfortable regardless of their needs.

Who Is Dental Sedation For?

If you’re asking that question there’s a good possibility that you or someone you love could benefit from sedation dentistry.

Busy adults love our sedation options because it means they don’t have to take multiple trips to our office to finish a procedure. If you’ve ever had a long dental appointment you know that at a certain point you hit a wall: you just can’t deal with someone rooting around in your mouth anymore.

That very real problem is completely resolved by sedation dentistry. Depending on the length of your procedure and your tolerance for dental care we can suggest the perfect solution. With four different levels of sedation to offer you can rest assured we’ll be able to make one work for you!

Patients scared of dental care are one of our primary dental sedation groups. Fear of dental care is incredibly common and sedation does a great job of countering those fears. Many patients that have started using sedation at our office even learn to face their phobia head on!

Your level of fear can be perfectly controlled by our multiple forms of sedation. Whether you simply need to take the edge off a simple procedure with nitrous oxide or you need something to make you completely unaware of your time in the chair we have it!

A high gag reflex can completely stop a dental procedure. When work needs to be done in the back of your mouth it’s essential that you are able to open wide and relax, but some people simply can’t do that! Our higher levels of sedation can make you relaxed enough so that it isn’t just the nerves in your brain that we relax but also your body as well.

IV sedation and general anesthesia can both make patients with high gag reflexes completely relaxed. If you’re the kind of person who gags just thinking about the dentist then these higher levels of sedation may just be perfect for you!

Patients who don’t understand the need for dental care can become panicked, causing harm to themselves and others. We recommend dental sedation for patients with conditions that can make understanding difficult for them. These patients might suffer from alzheimer’s, cognitive disabilities, or any other kind of condition that makes invasive care difficult.

Compassion is a cornerstone of our dental practice. Sedation makes it possible for us to extend that compassion to treat demographics of people that may not have seen the dentist in years. Everyone needs great oral care and we’re proud to offer sedation so necessary care can happen.

Sedation We Offer

  • Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is the most mild form we offer. It makes you feel relaxed, care free, and a bit sleepy. You’ll still be completely awake but you simply won’t care about your dental procedure!
  • IV sedation is just like the “twilight sedation” offered for outpatient procedures at hospitals. You’ll be awake but completely relaxed, sort of in a state between sleep and awake.
  • General anesthesia is the highest level we offer, and is a rare thing to find in dentist’s offices. This is complete unconsciousness that we can control for the necessary length of your procedure. You’ll be closely monitored to ensure a safe experience.

We Want To Help!

Sedation dentistry can fill a lot of needs for a variety of procedures. If you or someone you love suffers from fear of the dentist we want to help! Call New Albany Implants today at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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