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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Implants: An Investment In Your Future

A lot of the patients we see at New Albany Implants get scared away by the pricetag on a beautiful new set of teeth. Whether it’s a single dental implant or a whole mouthful the procedure can definitely be expensive! We always encourage our patients to think of it differently, though: dental implants are an investment in your future!

We have pleased countless patients with the solutions we provide and we know we can make you happy as well. Imagine ditching your dentures for good, or kissing that gap goodbye, or even being able to eat your favorite foods again: it’s worth it, right?

The Cost Vs. The Benefits

Implants have an up front cost but with proper maintenance (no more hassle than brushing and flossing) you can experience the benefits for life. Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed directly into your jaw and restored with crowns or bridges that are permanently fixed in place.

What can implants give you besides a replacement for lost teeth? A lot. Here’s just a few of the benefits to having dental implants.

A Natural Look And Feel

If you’ve been looking for the closest possible replacement for natural teeth implants are it. The implant itself perfectly mimics the root of a natural tooth and the restoration is made of the highest quality material. From a single tooth to a full mouth crown dental implants look amazing.

They also function just as well as natural teeth. When’s the last time you’ve eaten your favorite foods? If you’re like a lot of people suffering from tooth loss you can’t even remember. With dental implants you won’t have to compromise with what foods you can eat: you’ll be eating almost everything without a problem. Implants bond perfectly to bone to create an incredibly strong, durable, and reliable replacement for lost teeth

Get Your Smile Back

Have you avoided social situations because of missing teeth or slipping dentures? Kiss those problems goodbye with dental implants! The solutions we offer at New Albany Implants are sturdy, reliable, and unmistakably natural – no one will even know they aren’t your natural teeth!

Implants are either attached by cement or, in the case of our full mouth bridges, but screws. They stay in place for years and only need occasional tightening or removal for maintenance and cleaning at our office.

Keep Them For Life

Have your dentures become looser as time has gone on? That’s because they don’t do anything to stop bone loss! Dental implants give your bone something to anchor to, which prevents it from receding. Dental implants will last for life with proper care and will also help you keep your jaw integrity as well.

No More Irritation

Have you dentures irritated your gums? Soft tissue like that wasn’t meant to bear all that chewing force – it’s no wonder your gums are so sore! Full mouth dental implants eliminate that discomfort by anchoring to your bone. They distribute force just like natural teeth: into the bone where that pressure is meant to go!

You won’t have to worry about gum irritation or sensitivity at all with dental implants. You’ll simply be living life with a great smile and all your favorite foods.

Don’t Wait Another Day!

The benefits of dental implants last a lifetime. Compare that to the cost of the procedure and consider the value: you’re not just getting your smile back, you’re getting your life back as well! Tooth loss changes your life dramatically and we can get you back to your natural self in just a single appointment.

We’re ready to amaze you with our dental implant solutions – all it takes is a call to New Albany Implants today! You can reach us by calling (812) 945-7645 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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