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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Three Reasons An Implant Beats A Bridge

Are you missing a tooth? No matter why it’s gone or when it fell out you probably don’t like the look it creates. Let’s face it: missing teeth aren’t something to be proud of when a smile is such an important part of your look!

At New Albany Implants we can restore teeth with the most advanced method possible: dental implants. We prefer these state-of-the-art treatments over bridges for a number of reasons. While there are almost too many to count here’s three reasons why implants are the superior option over dental bridges.

Implants Protect Your Bone And Teeth

Do you know what happens when you lose a tooth? The truth isn’t pretty: bone loss, teeth shifting, and future tooth loss is almost guaranteed. Individual teeth aren’t too strong on their own; they rely on the teeth next to them for a good portion of their support. A single lost tooth can spark a chain reaction of loss with devastating results.

The bone that holds your teeth in place does a good job considering how little of it there is. The majority of the reason your teeth don’t slide around in your mouth is because all the teeth next to them help. When a single tooth is lost two teeth lose support, which only becomes worse as the bone that held the missing tooth is reabsorbed.

Reabsorption causes teeth to shift, and loosening teeth leads to a higher chance of loss. A dental bridge can act as a brace that holds those two neighboring teeth in place but it doesn’t stop bone loss, gum recession, or the other problems that come with a lost tooth.

Dental implants cut all of those problems off before they become serious. An implant acts just like a natural tooth and is placed directly into the bone where the missing one was located. As it heals your bone integrates with the implant, stabilizing it and preserving the positions of your other teeth.

Bridges Ruin Two Teeth For The Price Of One

Bridges do a lot of good – we aren’t disputing that. What we are trying to call attention to is the fact that dental implants just do it better! Another example of the problems that bridges present is the way in which they are held in place: crowns on the neighboring teeth!

If you’ve ever seen a bridge out of someone’s mouth you’ll notice it consists of three teeth: the completely false on in the center and two crowns attached to either side, called abutment teeth. The crowns require that the two abutment teeth are reshaped in order to fit under the crowns, sacrificing a lot of healthy tooth in the process!

Crowns require removal of a significant portion of your teeth in order to make them fit. We never want to do damage to healthy teeth when we can avoid it – it just isn’t good for you! Reshaping two healthy teeth to replace one missing one can be completely avoided with an implant.

Implants Last Longer, Age Better

Like we mentioned earlier, bridges don’t stop the loss of bone tissue that results from a missing tooth. Many patients who’ve worn bridges a long time end up with gaps at the top of them where bone has receded. This results in a very noticeable space between the top of your bridge and your gumline – not a good look! To fix it you need a completely new bridge along with other dental work that can result in big expenses.

Dental implants never require that kind of reconstruction. If properly cared for an implant will act just like a tooth: stable, sturdy, and keeping your mouth looking healthy for life. As implants age they’re practically indistinguishable from natural teeth, making them a clear choice for patients who want a permanent solution that ages with them.

Make The Choice For A Better Smile

If you’ve lost a tooth we want to help you make the best choice possible for your needs and desires. Don’t hesitate to call New Albany Implants today to get the long-lasting smile you want!

You can reach our New Albany office by calling (812) 945-7645 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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