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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Change Your Life With the One Day Smile Solution!

At New Albany Implants we see a lot of patients who are unhappy with their dentures. Many of them have been without any natural teeth for years and have been dealing with the same denture complaints that you might have: they slip, they slide, they irritate the gums … the list goes on!

You don’t have to put up with dental implants that make you miserable anymore. We can offer you an amazing solution to your tooth loss and your denture dissatisfaction with The One Day Smile Solution. We’ll have you walking out of our New Albany dentist office with a full new set of teeth in just one visit!

The One Day Smile Solution: An Implant Revolution

Imagine coming to our office for your implant procedure and simply throwing your dentures away when you got home. Feel free to add all those pastes, creams, soaking solutions, and special brushes while you’re at it: you don’t need any of them anymore! After just a single appointment you’ll have a set of teeth that require the same care as your natural ones: just brush them twice a day and you’ll be doing great.

That’s what’s possible with the One Day Smile Solution, the preferred full mouth dental implant solution. Using a series of four dental implants we’ll mount a fixed full mouth bridge to either your upper or lower arches, or both, that you’ll never have to take out. They look real, feel real, and best of all they act real too!

It all begins with a visit to our New Albany dentist office. We’ll do a full exam of your mouth to be sure you’re a good candidate for the One Day Smile Solution. We’ll write your treatment proposal, which will include every detail of your care, and schedule your procedure.

Your next appointment will involve your dental implant surgery. We’ll make sure that you’re comfortable and we’ll provide you with any sedation that you would like to make your procedure pass more smoothly. In just a few hours you’ll be smiling at the world with a whole new set of teeth!

We place the four implants in your mouth using computer modeling to give us the most efficient design. The One Day Smile Solution usually involves placing two of the implants at an angle to disperse the forces more smoothly, allowing you to eat without any irritation or discomfort. Where and how the implants are placed will depend on your bone structure and individual facial structure.

Teeth In Just One Day: It’s Part Of the One Day Smile Solution

Once your implants are placed we’ll take a full impression of your mouth so that we can design your final bridges. While you heal and your permanent bridge is built you’ll wear a temporary set that are still screwed onto your implants. The temporary bridges still look amazing – many patients think that they’re the permanent set!

We’ll attach your temporary bridge immediately after placing your dental implants. You’ll be able to walk out the door with teeth that don’t move or slide at all!

Many patients are worried that they won’t be able to use their temporary bridges: healing must be incredibly painful! Most those patients are surprised how much function they have even the same day as their procedure! Because the implants are placed in the bone and designed to bear weight right away you’ll be able to enjoy life with minimal pain! You will have to spend the first few weeks eating soft food but aside from that you should have minimal discomfort and recovery time!

Finishing Off Your One Day Smile Solution

We always wait for your dental implants to fully bond with your bone before we attach your permanent bridge. This process usually takes a few months and by the time you’re healed your bridge will be ready for you!

We’ll have you come to a final appointment where we’ll remove the temporary and attach the permanent, then you’ll be all set! There won’t be an more healing, pain, or dentures to deal with. You’ll be ready to live the rest of your life with the comfort and confidence that dental implants provide.

It Can Be Yours!

If you’re living with dentures that you hate you should know you don’t have to anymore! We can help you get the results you want, a smile you’ll love, and the ability to eat your favorite foods in just a single appointment.

Make the One Day Smile Solution a part of your life by calling us at (812) 945-7645 or requesting an appointment using our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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