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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Adults Shouldn’t Ignore Loose Tooth

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Admitting that you have a loose tooth as an adult can be a daunting prospect. Whether you are struggling to comes to terms with it personally or you are working up the courage to break the news to a trusted dentist, you should do something about it ASAP. Although it may confirm patients’ worst fears, a loose tooth is never a good sign. If ignored, it can easily end with tooth loss.

What Can You Do?
You may think there is very little you can do — especially if an adult tooth hasn’t fallen out yet. This just isn’t true. If you have a wiggly tooth, it may be time to start thinking about dental implants costs. Unlike other tooth replacement options, a dental implant replaces teeth from the root. That means that these implants, often titanium or titanium alloy, will anchor into your jaw. In other words, you can have a solid, firm tooth — that looks and feels natural — in place of the wobbly one. Although time frames vary, cosmetic dental implants take an average of about six to 12 weeks to fully fuse with patients’ jaws. From there, implants have a 98% success rate and last decades to a lifetime with diligent care.

Who Can Get Dental Implants?
Dental implant clinics agree; just about everyone is eligible for dental implants. There are a few exceptions, however. First, because the procedure entails the implant fusing with the jaw, the jawbone must be done growing. That means that children or teenagers with missing teeth should hold off for a few years before seriously considering the long-term tooth replacement option. Patients who have particularly weak bones — for example, patients who have had oral or jaw cancer and have had radiation treatments on the area — may want to talk about all of their options with a qualified dentist.

Don’t keep wriggling and messing with that loose tooth. If you are an adult with a loose tooth, look into dental implants costs for a convenient and lasting solution.

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