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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

To Bridge Or Not To Bridge

That is the question: whether tis nobler to suffer the wear and bone loss of a dental bridge, or by using the newest technology end those worries …

Jokes aside, it’s a very important question in modern dentistry: is a bridge the best solution to a missing tooth?

Newer technology has changed the way dentists practice and has greatly changed which tools and procedures are prefered to treat certain conditions! Tooth loss has been one of the most changed areas, with new materials, new techniques, and new technology changing everything!

We’re going to take a look the dental bridge procedure and some of the alternatives that modern dentistry can offer – we want to truly answer the question, “to bridge or not to bridge!”

Dental Bridges: How Do They Work?

So you’ve lost a tooth: it happens! You might be thinking about the best way to replace that missing tooth in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way which has long been the role of dental bridges. These restorations involve one false tooth that sits between two dental crowns. These three teeth are all connected, and the crowns are connected to the abutment teeth, or the ones next to the missing one. Both abutment teeth are reshaped to fit under the crowns, and once placed the bridge will offer a good replacement for your missing tooth.

So what’s the big drawback of a bridge? There are a few that we want to discuss today, starting with the most obvious: two additional teeth have to be involved in fixing one! Reshaping the abutment teeth involves the removal of a good deal of structure – you’re ruining two healthy teeth just to replace a single on – that’s not a good ratio!

Bridges also fail to address a serious concern involving missing teeth: bone loss. When a tooth is lost there isn’t much reason for the bone that held it to still be around, so your body reabsorbs it. It doesn’t take long for bone loss to start further affecting neighboring teeth – more specifically your abutment teeth! The bridge will do a good job of holding your teeth in place, but bone loss can still result in long-term problems!

A bridge can also have a long-term aesthetic problem too: gaps at the gum line! Because bone loss continues, making your gums shrink as well, what was once a good fit can end up looking out of place! Since your bridged tooth doesn’t include roots, just a crown, gum recession can eventually expose the edge of your bridge, creating a gap or overly long looking tooth. This can necessitate gum surgery, bone augmentation, or the crafting of a whole new bridge!

So What Are The Alternatives?

Bridges have been the choice for years but their day in the sun is over thanks to modern dental restoration techniques. At New Albany Implants, we proudly offer … well, dental implants! There’s no end to the advantages of dental implants, and we offer several varieties to suit your exact needs and situation!

An implant is a titanium screw that is placed directly into your jaw. It’s the same size as your natural teeth roots and serves the same function. Not only that, but titanium is great at integrating with bone and providing a level of security on par with your natural teeth!

Implants are the new gold standard in tooth replacement – they are strong, permanent, and can restore anywhere from one lost tooth to a whole mouthful! We finish our dental implants off with perfectly crafted restorations that will match your teeth so well you’ll forget you even have them!

The big advantage that implants have over bridges is that they mimic a natural tooth. That means there won’t be any bone loss, preventing neighboring teeth from loosening and falling out! Just one dental implant can save an entire mouth worth of trouble!

Coupled with good dental hygiene, an implant can protect your mouth and preserve your smile for a lifetime. If you’ve been dealing with the embarrassment of a lost tooth, failing crown, or other restoration needs you’ll be amazed at the implant solutions we can offer. Don’t go one more day with a lesser restoration!

If you’re ready to find out what we can offer you at our New Albany dentist office, call us today at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment using our online form. We look forward to partnering with you to create a happy smile!

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