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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

A Patient’s Story

At New Albany Implants we see a particular kind of patient a lot: empty nesters who finally have a bit of extra money to spend on themselves. Most of these kinds of patients have spent money on their children for years, and now that they can afford to put themselves first they are finally getting the dental care they really need.

When we see these patients it’s always a similar sort of problems: old dental restorations are starting to fail, missing teeth need replacing, and there’s a need for lots of TLC in their mouths. If you are one of these patients who have spent their lives prioritizing their family and are now taking time for themselves we want to welcome you to our New Albany dentist office! We’re going to make sure that your visit is a great one!

One Patient’s Tale

Like we said above, patients like you aren’t uncommon – in fact they’re a good percentage of who we see! We’d like to share the tale of a hypothetical patient that is in the same position as you: finally taking the time to get the care they need!

Let’s call our patient “Jane.” Jane is in her fifties and her youngest child has just finished up college and started a new career. Jane and her husband are enjoying their newfound freedom and time to themselves, and Jane is finally starting to figure out how much money they have to spend on just them!

Jane is also like a lot of Americans and has a crown or two, or possibly a bridge. She probably got them in her thirties and was told by her dentist that the average life expectancy of a dental restoration is about ten years. But she’s in her fifties now – those restorations are getting old! On top of that her oral health hasn’t been perfect – she might have a few new cavities, or maybe a damaged tooth or two.

Jane’s been to the dentist but not as often as she should have been – it’s expensive, time-consuming, and she would have rather spent the money to be sure her children got good dental care. But now it’s her turn, so she finally scheduled an appointment at New Albany Implants.

Jane’s Visit To Our Office

When Jane’s in the office she presents a story that we’ve heard a lot – “I finally have the income available to take care of myself!” Her life has been spent thinking of other people, putting their needs before hers, and sacrificing individual care for the benefit of her family. Now she can finally reap the rewards of her investment!

Because we see patients like Jane, and probably you, every day we’ve discovered the optimal way to make dental care a simple process. Our advanced technology provides perfect images of your teeth, surrounding tissue, and overall oral health – we can even produce a 3-D scan of your entire face and mouth! If Jane’s nervous about seeing the dentist we can provide multiple sedation solutions to make her care anxiety free!

Jane’s diagnostics will tell her exactly what kind of care she needs, how worn out her restorations are, and help us design a treatment plan that is completely focusd to her. As for her bill, it’s all rolled together in a complete package that includes every last bit of care. She’ll know months in advance what she owes for each part of her visit so there’s no surprise charges down the road!

Like Jane, you’re probably hoping to get the best restorations and care possible, and we have one more way to make that possible: our dental lab is right in-house! Rather than send Jane’s impressions out to someone miles away, her crowns, bridges, implants, and other restorations are all done right in our office! In a matter of months Jane will have the smile she’s deserved for years – her reward for all the work she put in!

Want To Have Jane’s Experience?

If you are suffering from worn-out restorations, missing teeth, or just finally excited to have extra income to spend on yourself, you should definitely give New Albany Implants a call. Whether you’re a Jane, a John, or anyone else you deserve a smile you can really be proud about, especially after so many years of putting others first!

Take the first step in restoring your smile – call our office at (812) 945-7645 or schedule an appointment by filling out our online request form. We look forward to treating you at our New Albany office!

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