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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

The Dental Implant Team

Placing dental implants is a team effort. You have the prosthodontist or dentist who evaluates your mouth and makes a treatment plan, the oral surgeon who performs surgery, and the restorative dentist who creates the crowns or dentures that go on top of the implants. If you’re ever unsure about the procedure, each member of the team can answer your questions.

The Dentist or Prosthodontist

Sometimes called the “quarterback” of the dental implant team, the dentist or prosthodontist (someone who focuss in full mouth restorations) is the person who evaluates your mouth, takes diagnostic x-rays or CT scans, determines whether you are a candidate for implant surgery and creates the treatment plan.

The Oral Surgeon

The dentist may also be the surgeon, or the one who places the implants. Even though they are qualified to place the implants themselves, some prosthodontists prefer to enlist the help of an oral surgeon who has more hands-on experience placing dental implants.

The Restorative Dentist

The restorative dentist or lab technician takes an impression of your mouth and jaw and builds a model to determine where the artificial tooth will be placed. The dentist then makes a plastic mock-up of your new teeth and tests it on your mouth to make sure that it fits perfectly. Finally, the dentist sends the mock-up to the surgeon as a guide during surgery. The model will also be used to create your new permanent teeth after the implants are placed.

Where implants are placed depends on the type of teeth you’re going to have. It’s good to have a talk with the person who’s making your teeth to have a better understanding of the end result. Find out what’s involved if you’re having individual crowns placed or if you’re getting implant-supported dentures.

Make an appointment with your New Albany implant dentist today to learn more about the dental implant procedure.

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