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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Taking Care Of Your Dental Implants

Hello and welcome to another June edition of the New Albany Implants blog!

We are your trusted source for life-changing dental implants in Southern Indiana.

Today we want to talk about what happens after you have successfully gone through an implant procedure.

You will notice a few differences right away.

Like the fact that you’re finally able to effectively chew all the foods you’ve had to go without. Related to that, you will be feeling much better too.

Plus, with implants in-place you are now able to share all the smiles you’ve been too embarrassed to flash.

Even though our implants offer huge improvements in quality of life and aren’t too difficult to keep healthy, there are still some maintenance techniques that are going to be a little different from what you would do for a natural tooth.

Special Needs For Implants

Here’s the thing: dental implants are strong, but because of they way they are situated in your mouth, it’s actually easier for bacteria to slip beneath your gumline than when you had a full set of original teeth. Your gums obviously retain the implant crown or bridge, and they are the best replacement option going, but they do so with far less strength than your body’s natural ligaments can offer.

This situation puts you at risk for things that you might not have considered, and so you will just have to be vigilant. Much like gum disease, peri-implant disease can strike when bacteria gets under your gums, causing bleeding, swelling, increased sensitivity, and possibly even gum recession.

If it gets to that point, it can get ugly. That’s because your gums aren’t fused as tightly to your implant.

As such, they can retreat faster, and without any other soft tissue to defend the bone, it can result in the destruction of your bone, and ultimately in the loss of your implants.

We aren’t trying to scare you, but we do want you to know what can happen if you don’t do your part to keep your implants healthy.

Healthy Smiles, Happy Lives

When it comes down to it, caring for dental implants is not so different from looking after your natural teeth. If your home hygiene habits are good, then there won’t be much to worry about.

You can still brush twice a day for two or more minutes at a stretch and give a little extra TLC to the gum-line around your implant. Make sure you use a soft bristled brush and replace it often. It would be best to find a toothpaste that is designed to fight oral bacteria.

But remember, brushing is only the beginning! You will also need to floss every day. This is a non-negotiable.

If you want to, you can add a fluoride mouth rinse to your to-do list for extra protection.

Finally, don’t forget to keep us in the loop. We expect to see you regularly for cleanings and checkups. This is so that we can stay in tune with your ever-changing needs and help you avoid worse-case scenarios. Please let us know if you have any concerns. Dr. Ron and Dr. Brad will work hard to accommodate any anxiety issues you may have and also to find time for appointments that fit into your busy schedule.

Protect Your Investment!

Remember, dental implants are an investment in your continued health and happiness. Treat them with a certain level of respect and they will serve you well the rest of your life.

To hear more about what implants can do for you, or what you should do for them, contact us today at New Albany Implants!

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