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Foods That Fight For Your Smile

In our previous blog post we talked about some foods and drinks that can be destructive to your smile. Today we’re going to follow that up with a discussion of things you can eat and drink that are actually good…

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What’s Eating Your Teeth?

It’s just part of life: you eat, and the foods you love don’t always love you back. The things you eat definitely bite you back, just not in the ways you might think! As far as your teeth are concerned…

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Avoid Dry Mouth to Avoid Tooth Decay

It’s great to see you again, New Albany! Reading this blog from the office of New Albany Implants shows your dedication to your oral health and how highly you value your teeth and gums. A strong and healthy set of…

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The Power of Fluoride

It is time once more for a blog from the office of New Albany Implants. The best way to protect your teeth from the dangers of decay is to take steps to prevent decay from ever taking place. Preventive care…

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3 Fad Diets That Are Ruining Your Smile

Losing weight seems to be an American obsession. And while it’s true that obesity is a serious health issue worldwide, how you go about losing weight is a very important decision to make. Not all diets are equal. Some popular…

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Chewing Gum and Your Teeth

The oldest known piece of chewing gum is 9000 years old, and various cultures across the globe and throughout time have been chewing it ever since. Some chewed on sweetened tree resin, while others chewed on waxy plants. Whatever the…

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Five Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

Brush and floss twice a day. Don’t eat candy. And don’t use tobacco. Sound advice, to be sure, but it’s not likely something you haven’t heard before. Although it’s nice to get healthy reminders from time to time, here at…

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The Dangers of Diet Soda

You can’t have your cake and eat it, too. That is a familiar saying you certainly heard before, but did you ever stop to think about what it means. Essentially, what the phrase is saying, you can’t get what you…

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What Does Breakfast Do to Your Teeth?

In this part of the country, we love breakfast. In fact, we love breakfast so much that it is not uncommon to eat breakfast for dinner, and at many restaurants you can get breakfast 24-hours. At New Albany Implants, we…

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