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Halting the Halitosis

Oral hygiene is about more than having a beautiful smile. Certainly, you want to look your best, but there are other things to consider. It doesn’t matter how nice you look, you’re not going to make very many friends if…

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Avoid Dry Mouth to Avoid Tooth Decay

It’s great to see you again, New Albany! Reading this blog from the office of New Albany Implants shows your dedication to your oral health and how highly you value your teeth and gums. A strong and healthy set of…

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Are Your Medications Hurting Your Smile?

We are glad to see you back here at the blog for New Albany Implants, where we use this convenient online forum to communicate ideas and information about oral health and dental care with the wonderful people of Southern Indiana.…

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The Power of Fluoride

It is time once more for a blog from the office of New Albany Implants. The best way to protect your teeth from the dangers of decay is to take steps to prevent decay from ever taking place. Preventive care…

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The Anatomy of a Tooth

Hello again, Southern Indiana! We are back with another informational blog from the office of New Albany Implants. Information is the most useful tool you have in your mission to protect your oral health. Keeping your teeth healthy for as…

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Beware the Bottle! Cavities Are on the Rise

Hello, New Albany! Welcome back to the ongoing blog from the office of New Albany Implants. It is our mission to help the wonderful people of Southern Indiana protect their oral health. This blog is only one of the ways…

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Enjoy the 4th of July in Southern Indiana!

Hey there, Southern Indiana! Hopefully, you are enjoying this summer as much as we are here at New Albany Implants. As you are surely aware, Independence Day is just around the corner. That means fireworks and cookouts all around. This…

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