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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Enjoy the 4th of July in Southern Indiana!

Hey there, Southern Indiana! Hopefully, you are enjoying this summer as much as we are here at New Albany Implants. As you are surely aware, Independence Day is just around the corner. That means fireworks and cookouts all around. This holiday is all about freedom, but if you are suffering from dental ailments like tooth decay and gum disease, you may not be as free as you would like to be.

Having healthy teeth gives you the freedom to eat what you like, and to talk and laugh freely without worrying about dentures flying out of your mouth. It means you can smile proudly without feeling self-conscious about how your teeth look. The health of your teeth affects your life so greatly that bad teeth could actually keep you from going out and enjoying everything that summer in New Albany has to offer.

Don’t let missing or decayed teeth restrict your freedom to eat and to have fun this 4th of July. Come to New Albany Implants for a tooth replacement solutions that will have you smiling, laughing, and eating freely in no time.

Zirconium Bridges

Missing a few teeth in a series, especially if they are back teeth, makes chewing extremely difficult. As long as you have some healthy teeth to use as anchors, a zirconium bridge can restore your chewing capability, and if it’s front teeth you’re missing, a bridge can give your bite back and fix your smile.

A bridge, as the name implies, is a dental appliance that “bridges” the gap left by missing teeth between two healthy teeth. Realistic dental crowns crowns are placed on the bridge for your permanent tooth replacement.

At New Albany Implants, we use zirconium bridges because they are stronger, more stable, and look more natural than metal bridges. Zirconium oxide is a dental ceramic that will more closely simulate your natural teeth, which is what you want in an ideal tooth replacement.

Dental Implants

New Albany Implants focuss in dental implants. It’s in our name, after all. Implants are the the closest simulation to your natural teeth. Whereas most tooth replacement solutions, including bridges and dentures, only replace the upper portion of the tooth, or crown, dental implants replace the root, as well.

The new synthetic root is what separates implants from other tooth replacement solutions. It provides the strength and stability needed to truly function in the same manner as a natural tooth.

The One Day Smile Solution

Dentures are absolutely better than simply living with missing teeth, but they still are not the ideal replacement. The problem with dentures is that they tend to come loose. They are only held in place by suction and some dental adhesive, which is often unpleasant tasting. As a result, dentures have the unfortunate habit of sliding around and wiggling inside your mouth, which can be distracting for you along with anyone talking to you.

New Albany Implants can fix those wobbly dentures with the One Day Smile Solution. This procedure use for dental implants to replace a whole row of teeth. The implants are used to anchor a set of dentures directly to your jawbone. So, you will no longer have to worry about dentures coming loose and causing problems.

IV Sedation

Pain or dental anxiety is nothing to worry about at New Albany Implants. With IV sedation you will feel absolutely nothing during your dental procedure. You will be completely sedated and unaware of what is going on. This allows us to perform multiple dental procedures, so you will get your new smile sooner.

Enjoy This 4th of July in Southern Indiana

Don’t let missing or unhealthy teeth ruin Independence Day for you this year. With a tooth replacement solution from New Albany Implants, you will have the freedom to enjoy the your summer holiday with friends and family, and proudly show off your smile as the fireworks light up the sky.

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