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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Snap-On-Teeth: The Cost-Effective Way to a Better Smile

Many patients come to us with hopes that we may give them a perfect smile. We’re very happy to say that through the years, our clinic has done just that. We offer a range of options, and provide patients will all the information they need so they may make well-informed decisions. One popular solution we offer is the Snap-On-Teeth.

Confident Smile for Less

Snap-On-Teeth are removable or detachable appliances. Part of the reason patients prefer them over fixed implants is they’re easier to clean. They’re also 20-30% less expensive than implants. The removable dentures may range from $7500 and $16,000 per jaw. This is a very solid solution and we have a lot of confidence in them.They’re great alternative while you’re still saving up for more permanent solutions, like the One Day Smile Solution.

Snap-On-Teeth versus Mini-Implants

Many patients ask about the difference between the Snap-On-Teeth and the Mini-Implants. Both offer effective replacements for missing teeth, especially when the patients suffer from massive bone loss on the jaw.

Mini-implants, however, are only used on the lower arch of the teeth. They may not work on the upper jaw, so if you’re missing some teeth in that part of your mouth, Snap-On-Teeth may work best. We want to make sure our patients get the best value-for-money service all the time.

Great-Looking Smile in Half the Time

We understand how much you value your time. Our Snap-On-Teeth will give you back your confidence to smile more often, faster than other dental clinics. This is something we do every day and we may deliver the results you require within the same day.

Our growing list of satisfied clients is all the proof you need about the quality and care we put into every treatment and procedure. Drop by our clinic or give us a call today for an appointment so you can be one step closer to regaining your confidence to smile.

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