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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

A Warranty for Your Teeth

Whenever we hear the word “warranty,” we automatically think of our car, DVD player or computer. A warranty makes buyers feel protected because it gives the impression that the product will perform the way it was designed. It also means that the manufacturer is confident enough to back up products with a guarantee.

But warranties are seldom associated with medical and dental procedures. So when Dr. Receveur offered a 10-Year “No Worry” Dental Warranty on dental implants, it caused quite a stir in the industry. Here is a dentist confident enough to back up his work with a guarantee that was even longer than what some car companies provide.

Our Warranty on Dental Implants

At New Albany Implants, each dental implant procedure starts with careful patient evaluation. Dr. Receveur looks at your surrounding teeth, gums and bones to see if you are an ideal candidate for implants. If all signs are positive, you are prepared for the procedure with IV sedation or local anesthesia. After the implant is inserted, the abutment and Zirconium crown are applied. We use beautiful Zirconia crowns almost exclusively because of their tensile strength and because they are metal-free.

For mini implants, the entire procedure is quick, and the patient feels no pain because of intravenous sedation. Once patients awaken, their implants will look and behave like natural teeth. They will also be able to enjoy doing the things they did before the implant was inserted.

To ensure that patients don’t have to worry about anything for the next 10 years, Dr. Receveur confidently provides a warranty for all his work. It is no secret that implants can be costly, but with a 10-year warranty and over 98 percent success rate, your investment is well worth it.

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