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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Save Your Smile The Easy Way

Welcome back to the New Albany Implants blog!

Today we want to talk about something we all fear. No, it’s not the dentist, but if you are nervous about coming to see us, we can certainly help with that too. We are talking about losing our teeth. No one expects it to happen to them, but statistics show that we all know someone that it has happened to. So, what can you do to save your smile (as well as your appearance and your health)?

Well, we have found that there are two underlying conditions that contribute to most of the adult tooth loss in this country. Can you guess what they are? Advanced gum disease is one of them. Untreated tooth decay is the other.

We have come up with some dos and don’ts for keeping your natural smile, and avoiding the need for a dental implant procedure. If it ever comes to that, we’ve got you covered. But hopefully it won’t.

Keep reading to hear our tips for saving your smile the easy way (through prevention) and then be sure to follow up with us to schedule your next appointment in our Southern Indiana office.

Do Lay Off The Sugar

Here’s how it works: sugar is metabolized by the bacteria in your mouth and turned into acids that erode your teeth. Over time that erosion leads to decay, toothaches, and infection. Left undiagnosed or untreated that decay will require a root canal or extraction if it doesn’t rot away on its own.

Don’t Brush Right After Eating

It sounds counterintuitive. But your mouth is full of those aforementioned acids right after you eat, and running a brush through that can be bad for your enamel. Eventually this loss of enamel can lead to you developing cavities and putting your smile at risk. Try to wait about 30 minutes before you even pick up the brush. At that point you should brush for another two minutes at least.

Do Throw Out Old Toothbrushes

Don’t keep a toothbrush around for more than three months before replacing it. We know it can be hard to give up your old favorite, but you have to. Otherwise, you’ll be putting old bacteria and random bathroom gunk into your mouth twice a day. If you keep doing it, you could develop an infection or worse.

Don’t Ignore Your Gums

Like we said, gum disease is a major factor in tooth loss. If your gums are not healthy, they won’t be able to hold your teeth in place. When that support structure is gone, they will begin to loosen and drop out altogether. Then you’ll be sorry!

Do Consume Lots Of Water

Your body needs plenty of water to stay healthy. So does your mouth. Oddly enough, your saliva is actually produced with the help of water. Saliva washes away dangerous bacteria, food particles, and acids to keep disease and decay at bay. Plus, it will help your breath from becoming offensive.

Don’t Forget To Floss

Simply put, brushing is never enough. There will always be food, tartar, plaque, and bacteria lurking in those hard to reach areas between your teeth. To get the job done you will need to find the dental floss on a daily basis.

Do Visit Your New Albany Dentist

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when it comes to maintaining great oral health. Even though our list is not comprehensive, the most important thing to remember is to always keep your dentist in the loop.

We have all the tools, technology, and training that is necessary for saving your smile the easy way. You should be taking advantage of our professional teeth cleanings, thorough oral exams, and other prevention measures every 3-6 months. You’d better believe that coming to see us now will save you from more painful and costly procedures down the road.

As we alluded to earlier, we can help you work through any dental anxiety that has been an obstacle heretofore. Just ask us about our options when you make your appointment.

Make It Happen!

To schedule your next session at New Albany Implants, you can contact us online or by calling us at (812) 945-7645.

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