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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Revive Your Smile In Less Time

You want what you want as soon as you can have it. It’s the reason you can get pizza or an oil change in 30 minutes. It’s also the reason you can and should get your teeth replaced in a single day.

If that sounds unbelievable, then you need to visit our team at New Albany Implants. Dr. Ron Receveur has used his expertise and experience with teeth replacement to develop the One Day Smile Solution™. People from all across the country seek out Dr. Ron because of our advanced, pain-free treatment. There’s a reason he places more than 500 implants every year.

You can get the benefit of his decades of experience by visiting our office in New Albany, IN. If you want replacement teeth that look and feel natural, call (812) 945-7645 now to get started.

Tooth Loss Is Affecting You

We have welcomed patients to our office from across Indiana, Kentucky, and the rest of the United States. Different people handle tooth loss in different ways, although some effects are pretty common.

For some patients, the most difficult part of losing teeth is the way it affects them physically. When you are missing teeth, you can’t eat many foods that you once loved. Even with dentures, you may find a lot of foods are too difficult to bite or chew.

Missing teeth can have emotional consequences, too. We’ve met many people who were distraught or embarrassed by they lost teeth. They didn’t think they could smile because they feared they would be judged by others for not having teeth. We won’t judge you here, but we will do everything we can to restore your smile and your self-confidence.

In real ways, lost teeth can hurt your quality of life. We can help you get your life back, so you can eat what you want, say what you want to say, and smile with confidence. Dr. Ron and the rest of our team at New Albany Implants wants you to feel like yourself again!

One Day To Renew Your Smile …

Dr. Ron created the One Day Smile Solution through a combination of experience, training from world-renowned implantologists, and a desire to make restorative dentistry the best experience it can be.

Unlike many other practices, we can handle every step of your teeth replacement process in our office. Using three-dimensional imaging, we can diagnose your situation and plan your implant placement procedure. Dr. Ron can precisely place your implants, and then we can attach your new teeth, which we can make at our in-house dental lab.

Since we are one of the few Indiana dental practices licensed to offer IV sedation, we are able to do all of this painlessly. On the day of your procedure, you can walk in with nothing and leave feeling like you have a mouth with healthy, natural-looking teeth.

… To Get Teeth For Life

We don’t sacrifice quality just because we can do this quickly, either. Dr. Ron has a better than 98 percent success rate with all the implants that he places. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty on each and every implant we place at our New Albany, IN dental office.

Don’t settle for slippery dentures when you can have the security and stability of implant-supported teeth. Call (812) 945-7645 to request an appointment or fill out our online form to learn more about what the One Day Smile Solution could do for you!

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