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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Removable Teeth Magic

At New Albany Implants, we have a solution for every smile and every budget. While a full, permanent restoration might be at the top of our list, it might not be feasible for your budget or your preference. We want your smile solution to be perfect for you, which is why we offer you all of the options at your consultation. One of our options is for removable teeth. No, we aren’t talking about dentures slipping and sliding while you try to eat your favorite foods. We are talking about all the benefits of removable teeth without the embarrassment and hassle of dentures.

Removable teeth won’t slip and slide because they are anchored to implants, placed in your mouth. Implants are small titanium screws that lock into your jaw bone. Once implants are placed, small bars connect the implants. Your new removable teeth will be anchored to the implant system in your mouth. You can literally snap them in or out as you wish. So what are the benefits of removable teeth? See for yourself!

Traditional dentures don’t protect your bone mass. In fact, most don’t work with the jaw bone at all. The bone mass begins to deteriorate because it no longer has tooth roots to support. As the bone mass changes, so does the fit of your dentures leading to corrections, repairs, discomfort, and maybe even replacement dentures. The implants of removable teeth work with your jaw bone so that the jaw believes it is still holding teeth in place which protects your bone mass and maintains your youthful appearance.

Chewing and speaking become rather difficult with traditional dentures. They can slip and slide are you use your mouth, and the piece over the top of your palate can cause discomfort and annoyance when trying to enjoy your favorite foods. With snap-on teeth, this ceases to be an issue. Teeth that are anchored to an implant are much closer to your natural chewing and speaking ability. They won’t slip, and your favorite foods are still on the menu!

Cleaning and repair is a big issue for prosthetic teeth, regardless of what type of prosthetic teeth you have. With snap-on teeth, cleaning becomes much simpler, especially if you have trouble using floss and brushing your teeth due to dexterity issues. Not only that, but repairs are much easier to accomplish when you can simply remove your teeth, have them repaired, and snap them back into place.

We are very confident that you will love removable teeth as an option for a full restoration. Removable teeth have some of the benefits of the One Day Smile Solution, but also some benefits of removable prosthetics. They are a wonderful middle ground for you to explore. Removable teeth might also fit into your budget better than permanent prosthetics. If you think this might be an option for you, give us a call at New Albany Implants, and let’s get started on your new smile!

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