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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

It’s Not A Little Shop Of Horrors At Our Dentist Office!

Have you seen Little Shop Of Horrors? If so you might remember the iconic moment where Steve Martin’s dentist character is singing all about his sadistic personality and how that made dentistry a perfect profession for him. He’s joined by Bill Murray, a patient who is a masochist in for a long, slow root canal.

These are jokes, of course, but the idea of dentists as pain-inflicting monsters comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is the fears of many dental patients. Fear of dentistry consistently ranks in the top phobias of people around the world, and at New Albany Implants we know that. That’s why we’ve created the Dr. Ron Receveur “Retrain Your Brain” method of combatting dental fear.

Where Does Dental Fear Come From?

Maybe Little Shop Of Horrors had a huge impact on your life. Maybe it was another hollywood film that portrayed dentistry in a bad light. It could also have been a bad experience you had in the past, or a bad experience of another family member. Regardless of the cause one thing is for sure: dental fear is very real.

The patients we see at New Albany Implants come to us with a lot of reasons for dental fear, some as simple as not getting the care they needed when younger. All of these misunderstandings, false impressions, and bad experiences are exactly what we are trying to fight with the Retrain Your Brain method.

How Do We Retrain Your Brain?

The most important thing to realize about your dental fear, or any other fear for that matter, is that it’s based on what happened in the past. It’s absolutely true that a single negative dental appointment can leave you permanently affected, much in the same way any other traumatic event can leave you with fear, paranoia, and avoidance of similar situations. In many cases it’s hard to control that fear and we know it!

The first step, of course, is realizing that the fear is a product of the past. Dentistry has changed a lot over the years, and not all dentist offices are like New Albany Implants either! We value patient comfort above all else. Modern dentistry has given us the tools to provide great dental care that’s pain free, simple, and fast – we would be negligent if we weren’t taking full advantage of those tools!

Things We Do To Help You

Retraining your brain might start with the realization that not all dental experiences are the same as the ones that prompt your fear, but we can’t simply say that and stop there. Instead, we reshape your expectations of dentistry from the moment you walk in the door to our New Albany dentist office.

The first thing you’ll notice is our atmosphere: we’re comfortable, relaxed, and our staff are truly welcoming. We’ll even know you by name almost immediately after your first visit! For many patients simply being in our office and experiencing our non-clinical atmosphere is enough to give dentistry a second chance.

We also provide a number of amenities designed to make your visit better. Whether you just want to take your mind off your procedure with a cup of tea or a bottle of water, or would rather watch TV while you’re sitting in the dental chair we go the extra mile to make patient care our priority. As always, we want to do everything we can to help so just ask if there’s something else we can do!

When Relaxation Isn’t Enough

If you simply can’t unwind with the atmosphere, people, and amenities we provide we’re also a full-service dental sedation clinic. For some patients the fear is simply too deep to undergo dental care without the need for sedation and we understand! We offer four different levels of sedation, from laughing gas to general anesthesia, so we’re sure to be able to meet your needs.

Give Us The Chance To Help

Dental anxiety can be truly crippling, but we’re confident that our Retrain Your Brain method can work wonders for you. Regular dental care is an essential part of your oral health, so don’t neglect it because of fear: we truly want to help make it better for you!

To schedule an appointment at New Albany Implants simply call our office at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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