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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Your Children Are Grown, You’ve Earned A New Smile!

For years you’ve spent money, time, and care raising a family. The payoff has been seeing your children grow into adults with lives of their own, their own family, and the knowledge that you made that all possible. At New Albany Implants we’re parents and grandparents as well; we know all about turning children into happy, successful adults.

Over the years you’ve probably sacrificed a lot for your children. Many parents gladly go without things they need in order to give their young ones a chance to have the health, comfort, and joy they need to grow into successful adults. With all you’ve done for them isn’t it time you did something for yourself?

Have You Sacrificed Your Smile?

For years your children have come first. That means you probably haven’t received the care you need, especially when it comes to your teeth. If you’ve been going without needed care you may have ended up with old dental work that needs replacing, missing teeth, or even dentures that you really don’t love.

We want to help ease you into the next phase of your life with a set of teeth you’ll love: after all, you’ve earned it! Whether you want to replace your old, worn dental restorations with new ones or are looking for permanent, long-lasting solutions we have the dental care services that you deserve.

It’s Your Turn To Be Cared For

We want to give you the care you’ve earned after so many years of dedication to your family. Using state-of-the-art dental technology and the newest materials we can craft everything you need for a beautiful smile that’s also functional and comfortable!

Zirconium bridges are the ideal material for replacing worn dental bridges. If cost is a factor or you don’t want a dental implant these bridges are the perfect way to upgrade your old dental restorations. Zirconium oxide is a new, improved form of dental ceramic that is stronger, more lifelike, and longer lasting than ceramics of the past. Better yet, it doesn’t require any metal so there won’t be that ugly grey line near your gums.

Replacing your bridge is as easy as removing it, taking a new digital impression, building your bridge at our in-house dental lab, and placing the new one. In just a couple of weeks you’ll have a beautiful new smile that’s metal-free, durable, and designed to last for life!

Dental Implants are designed to replace single teeth all the way up to a missing mouthful. With implants you aren’t just getting a covering for a missing tooth, you’re getting an actual tooth replacement. Implants themselves are made of titanium that is anchored to your bone just like a natural tooth. Once healed a dental implant feels and looks just like a natural tooth.

Using a single dental implant we can replace one missing tooth using an advanced zirconium crown. When we place the crown you’ll be unable to tell that it isn’t a natural tooth: the implant is hidden, the crown will match your natural teeth, and when you eat you won’t feel a thing out of place!

Implants are also great at replacing dentures. If you’ve been wearing out an old set of full or partials because money was needed elsewhere then you don’t have to deal with that anymore! By placing up to four dental implants we can create a new full-mouth bridge that is permanently fixed in place. You’ll be living with the closest thing to a real set of teeth you could imagine! This great One Day Smile Solution is more comfortable than dentures, lasts a lifetime, and looks completely natural. Your new bridges will also function just like natural teeth, meaning you’ll be able to eat all your favorite foods again!

We can perform your dental implant procedure and restore your teeth in a single visit. By placing a temporary bridge you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a fixed-in-place set of teeth that look almost just as good as the permanent ones you’ll get soon after. Many of our patients are amazed that their temporary ones aren’t their final set!

You’ve Earned A Better Smile

Watching your children grow up, enjoying time with your grandchildren, and passing on the legacy of your family is a life journey that you’re in the beginning stages of. There’s no better way to live it than with a healthy, happy smile that lets you savor all of life’s moments without worry. At New Albany Implants we want to give you that satisfaction – you’ve earned it.

To start restoring your smile call our New Albany dentist office today at (812) 945-7645 or request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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