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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Implants Prevent Patients from Losing Bone Mass

Millions of years of evolution have taught us that if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Evidence is everywhere: Weight lifters have bigger muscles because they regularly exercise them, compared to sedentary people who prefer the idea of lifting a potato chip and a can of soda over a dumbbell. Long-distance runners have stronger hearts, and tennis players have higher bone densities in their dominant arms.

The same principle applies to chewing food. Compared to CAT scans of people who wear removable false teeth, scans of people with healthy teeth reveal relatively thicker bone mass. Why? The force generated by chewing food is spread out between healthy teeth and the jaw bone. In contrast, the same force is applied to the gums in people with false teeth.

Why Implants?

Our gums are not designed to sustain such constant force. This is why many dentists recommend dental implants instead of dentures. Not only will you have a more natural chewing experience, you will also retain higher bone density that comes with natural teeth. A jaw with high bone density is better at resisting injuries, especially if the person is active. So the next time your dentist lets you choose between dental implants and a set of dentures, consider getting implants. Implants not only make for a better chewing experience, they also mean better bone health.

At New Albany Implants, we use Galileos 3D CAT scan technology to help you better understand your options. 3D CAT scan provides an extremely detailed picture of your oral anatomy, letting us place dental implants with great precision and accuracy. Imaging also lets us plan placement even before surgery! The result: quick, comfortable and virtually painless procedures.

Dr. Ron Receveur is a leading implant dentist with years of experience. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 10-year No Worry Warranty! Want to learn more about dental implants and the implant procedure? Visit our clinic today or call us at (812) 945-7645 to book an appointment.

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