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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Great Teeth Make People Look Younger

Contrary to popular belief, wrinkles are not the main reason people look old. Informal studies suggest that poor or missing teeth tend to make people look older than their real age. It may have something to do with the lips. From a biological standpoint, healthy lips indicate good health and vigorous youth. Many young people unconsciously view a person’s lips as part of a list of attractive attributes. The redder and fuller the lips, the more attractive the person appears.

But many people do not realize that the shape of the lips depends on teeth. A full set of front teeth pushes the lips forward, making them look full. Without front teeth, the lips shrink and slip between the gums. Try this experiment: Pay attention to actors playing older people on television. You’ll notice that many of them actually don’t have teeth. Why? It’s easier and cheaper to remove a pair of dentures than apply prosthetic make-up designed to make an actor look old.

Missing teeth can add years to your face. This is why people who want to look younger are advised to see their dentists before their plastic surgeons. Getting new dentures or dental implants is the cheaper and less risky way to shave ten years from your appearance.

At New Albany Implants, we offer solutions for patients with no teeth: fixed permanent teeth, removable snap-on teeth, the One Day Smile Solution, and mini implants.

The One Day Smile Solution

The One Day Smile Solution uses four implants to anchor a full fixed (non-removable) bridge. It is the best solution for full upper and lower restorations. And it takes only one day!


Removable or snap-on-teeth is a popular alternative to traditional dentures. Snap-on-teeth are easy to care for and less expensive than the One Day Smile Solution.

Mini Implants

Mini implants stabilize a lower denture or a missing tooth in an area of thin bone. The procedure is quick and virtually painless with local anesthetic or oral/IV sedation.

Drop years and look even younger by visiting our office today or calling to book a consultation.

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