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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Implants Make the Difference

Losing teeth is a common problem that can lead to more problems if you don’t replace the teeth you’ve lost.

Missing teeth are more common than you may realize, too. More than 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and more than 35 million are missing at least one complete arch of teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

We’ll discuss some of the issues that can arise from doing nothing in today’s post. For now, we want to encourage you to get the best teeth replacements possible. For people missing multiple teeth, this often means an implant-supported bridge.

At New Albany Implants, you could get a zirconium bridge that rebuilds your smile along with the full function of your lost teeth. To learn more, schedule a consultation at our New Albany, IN dental office. Call (812) 945-7645 today!

From Bad To Worse

Losing teeth is not a good thing. But it’s also a fixable problem.

So, how can it get worse? The answer to that depends on what you do (or don’t do) about your missing teeth.

Let’s assume that you decided to do nothing. If you leave the gap between your teeth, then you may start to notice a few things.

When you have a space where teeth should be, it changes your smile along with your confidence. Many patients have told us how they have stopped smiling or make deliberate efforts to hide their teeth when they talk because they felt self-conscious about their missing teeth.

That can make meeting new people awkward, too. If you rarely smile, people who don’t know you may find you cold. In a business situation, this could lead to a potential client or customer to feel uncomfortable. Your missing teeth can change how you speak. Specifically, it may make it difficult to pronounce certain words. You may feel hesitant to speak if you think that you sound “funny” when you talk. You want to be taken seriously when you have something to say, but you may worry that others will dismiss your ideas if you sound odd.

Eating is more difficult when you are missing teeth as well.  Over time your teeth start to drift, changing how your teeth fit together.  It changes your bite. You are likely to notice many foods become more difficult to eat.   In time, you may feel that you have to give up on eating certain foods entirely.

The Better Solution

Dr. Ron understands teeth replacements on both a personal and professional level. It’s why he is dedicated to making sure our patients have the best possible replacements for their missing teeth.

An implant-supported bridge is the best option for replacing multiple teeth. Implants act as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. As such they do some important things that are good for your oral health and your quality of life.

When your implants are placed in your jaw, they can stimulate your jawbone like your roots once did, so your bone stays healthy and strong.

This also means your implants are held securely in place by your jaw. You then have a stable foundation to support your bridge. Your implant-supported bridge also restores the appearance of your smile, and it lets you speak naturally and normally. You won’t have a reason to feel self-conscious about your smile or about how you talk.

Get Your Bridge From Us

To wrap up today’s post, we want to share why you should come to New Albany Implants to get your implant-supported dental bridge.

First, Dr. Ron places more than 500 implants annually, and he has replaced thousands of teeth throughout his career. Furthermore, he has studied with some of the most widely respected implantologists in the world. This allowed him to develop the One Day Smile Solution™. In other words, by visiting us you can get your implants and your replacement teeth during one special day at our office.

We also are confident in our process. It’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on every implant placed at our practice. You can get high-quality, dependable teeth replacements in less time. You just need to contact us online or call (812) 945-7645 to get started. Schedule a consultation soon to learn just how much an implant-supported bridge could do for you.

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