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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Choose Our Simple Teeth Replacement Option

Modern life is already complicated as it is. When you lose your teeth, it only gets more difficult.

We want to make your teeth replacements as simple as they can be. You don’t need to go to several different offices to get your New Smile.

Instead, you should visit New Albany Implants, home of the All-In-One-Place™ approach to teeth replacements. Dr. Ron Receveur developed this system based on years of experience, continuing education with world leaders in implantology, and a never-ending desire to give our patients the best quality of life they can have.

If you are missing one tooth or all your teeth, plan a visit to our New Albany, IN dental office soon. Call (812) 945-7645 to schedule a consultation to learn how we can help you rebuild your smile.

Take The Easy Way

We’ve heard too many stories from too many people about how complicated their teeth replacements were.  Patients have told us about their spouses going to another dentist office, being referred to a different office to have teeth removed and/or implants placed. Then, they had to wait for months before their replacement teeth were ready, which meant another appointment before they could enjoy the full benefits of their implants.

Getting new teeth does not have to be that complicated.

By visiting New Albany Implants, you can get:

  • Teeth extractions
  • Implant placements
  • New Smile
  • IV sedation (so your treatment is pain-free)
  • All in one day, All in one Place

That’s right. In addition to handling every step of your teeth replacement at our office, we also are the home of the One Day Smile Solution™.

How We Can Do This

Dr. Ron has spent his career looking for ways to make restorative dentistry better for his patients. That means learning from leaders like Dr. Paulo Malo, the innovator of the All-On-4® implant technique.

But that’s just the beginning. Few dental offices have gone through the training necessary to offer IV sedation. We wanted to offer this level of sedation so we could do more for our patients without causing pain or worry.

We have invested in technology that improves our ability to assess and plan as well. Using 3-D imaging equipment, we can see a complete view of your jaw and your specific dental needs.  This allows us to plan your implant placement more precisely, so you get the maximum benefit from each implant you receive.

Plus, we have our own dental lab. We can make your replacements right here, which means you can trust that your new teeth will be made right.

The Easy Way To A New Smile

You deserve teeth replacements that look natural and will last a long, long time. You deserve to try the All-In-One-Place approach that we offer at New Albany Implants. To get your dental implants and your new smile from us, start by setting up a consultation. You can fill out our online form or call (812) 945-7645.

* The All-On-4™® treatment concept is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG.

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