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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Good News for the Edentulous: Dental Implants

Some people think that bridges and dentures are the only options for teeth replacement just because these procedures have been around for years. Today, dental implants are increasingly becoming the teeth replacement method of choice for both dental experts and patients.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots. These titanium screws are surgically embedded into the jawbone and are used to hold a single crown or a complete denture. Because the screws fuse with bone, they are the most secure foundation for artificial teeth. You can eat tough meat and raw apples without worrying that your false teeth will come off. Dental implants also prevent bone loss because they restore stimulation to the area. In fact, dental implants are the closest things to natural teeth. You won’t find anything more lifelike, not even custom bridges.

Why Choose Implants?

Removable dentures are a popular solution for people missing several teeth. But ordinary dentures are uncomfortable, causing sore spots and gagging in some patients. You have to use messy denture adhesives that almost never work. Dentures contribute to the “sunken-in” look that can add years to your appearance. You’re also limited to the kind of food you can eat, which can lead to poor nutrition. Imagine eating whatever you want and smiling confidently because you know your teeth are secure. Dental implants give you the freedom to enjoy life again.

A Long-Term Investment

It’s true that dental implants are more expensive than bridges and dentures, but spending money on your health and appearance is the best investment you can make. Dental implants also pay for themselves over time and even save you money in the long run. Dentures need to be replaced eventually, but dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

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