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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Galileos 3D CAT Scan for Easy and Comfortable Dental Diagnostics

Are you tired of having to go back to your dentist multiple times for diagnosis and treatments? With the advancements of modern dentistry, you won’t have to wait anymore. With machines such as the Galileos 3D CAT scan, we can provide diagnosis AND treatment in a single visit.

In the past, installing dental implants was risky and involved lots of guesswork. Because dentists like us had difficulty viewing soft tissue, bone, and other vital structures underneath the gums, placing implants used to take approximation. Thankfully, because of today’s modern three-dimensional CAT scanners, we can provide accurate, predictable, and safe results.

What is Galileos 3D CAT scan?

This scanner is just like conventional scanners. It works by combining a number of x-ray slices to create 3D images. It gives us a volumetric image of your jaws, teeth, and other structures. We can use it to assess your problems and decide if you are eligible for dental implants. It can also help us make sure about whether you need bone grafting, and know exactly where to place the implants. It will help speed up the procedure and make the implants stronger and more functional.

How can this device benefit me?

Useful not only in the medical field, three-dimensional CAT scan technology is also widely used in dentistry. With this device, we can recreate a 3D model of your teeth, gums, and bone. It helps us find your problematic areas, diagnose your dental problems, and find deeper causes that traditional dentistry methods might have overlooked.

With Galileos 3D CAT scan to guide us during your first visit, we may assess your case and hand out all of your options at once. Our aim is to provide you with the fastest and most efficient solutions, and this device will give us an accurate view of what is happening with you.

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