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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Feeling Fluoride Fears?

You’ve probably seen fluoride toothpaste at the grocery store, and you may have received a fluoride treatment at the dentist in the past. If you’re up on the news you might have been just a little bit nervous about fluoride in your drinking water – what’s up with that?

Here in New Albany and around the country fluoride has become a controversial topic. You’ve probably heard all sorts of stories about what it can do to your health and how dangerous it is, but you probably haven’t heard that from someone you can trust: a dentist.

We want to take some time today to address some of the rumors and fears surrounding fluoride. It’s safe and incredibly beneficial for your teeth!

Rumor #1: Fluoride Shouldn’t Be In Our Drinking Water

There are a lot of reasons people use to argue this: it’s a matter of personal choice, it’s harmful, there’s too much of it … some people even believe it’s a government mind control conspiracy. The reality is that fluoride is a naturally occurring element and already exists in most water sources in the world.

In 1945 Grand Rapids, Michigan added fluoride to their water supply to treat dental decay. Initial results proved promising and soon most of the country was adding fluoride to water supplies. Fluoride has the unique ability to recalcify your teeth and repair damage caused by plaque acids. It’s an ideal way to prevent tooth decay on a mass scale and since water fluoridation became a normal practice tooth decay rates have plummeted!

Rumor #2: Fluoride Is Dangerous For Children

In large amounts fluoride is dangerous to children and adults as well. The rates of fluoride in water and other sources is low and safe and usually specially tailored to the age and health of the person using it.

Children need fluoride from an early age to ensure their teeth are healthy and there’s no better way than fluoridated water. In fact, the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends fluoride supplements for children who don’t live in an area with fluoridated water. It’s that important and safe!

Rumor #3: Since Tooth Decay Isn’t A Serious Problem Anymore We Don’t Need Fluoride

That statement should probably we worded “since we used fluoride to get tooth decay rates under control we don’t need fluoride anymore.” When you see it written like that it doesn’t make very much sense, does it?

Tooth decay rates are low because water fluoridation is such a success. If we remove it now then rates will probably spike right back up! While fluoride is available in other forms like toothpaste and supplements water is still the best way to deliver it – you might not drink a lot of tap water but you probably cook with it!

Rumor #4: Fluoride Causes Cancer

This is a frightening claim and one that can easily sway people who are on the fence about fluoride. You should know that there is absolutely no basis for this claim and that fluoride is safe and effective.

One of the main arguments for fluoride was a 2006 study that supposedly sighted an increased cancer risk for people consuming fluoride but the often overlooked part of that study is that it was exploratory and based on estimates. Every actual study that has been done on fluoride’s link to cancer has proven that there isn’t one!

Rumor #5: Fluoride Is Linked To Lower IQs In Children

This myth is based on studies from countries with fluoridation rates two to three times higher than those in the United States and the studies weren’t even reviewed by members of the scientific community! Studies that make such a severe claim should always be studied and re-tested to ensure that they’re accurate but there has been no further support for this claim.

Fluoride Is Important!

There aren’t any studies, figures, or facts that point to fluoride levels in water, toothpaste, and supplements are harmful. Fluoride is a fundamental part of good oral health and you’ll definitely get a glowing recommendation from all of us at New Albany Implants!

If you want to discuss what fluoride can do for you or are concerned that you may need to supplement your fluoride intake then you should definitely call our New Albany dentist office right away! You can reach us at (812) 945-7645 or feel free to simply request an appointment right here on our website! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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