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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Ditch Those Disgusting Dentures!

When you were young did you ever consider a future of denture wear? Did you think about all of the hassle surrounding wearing dentures, like cleaning them, soaking them, or having them slip and come loose when you’re eating or talking? What about all the costs surrounding your dentures – creams, pastes, soaking solutions, and even the continued irritation and adjustments that you have to get?

Some of these problems may have crossed your mind but you might not have predicted what a hassle dentures can be! We see a lot of patients at our New Albany dentist office that are experiencing the same frustrations that you are, and we’ve helped countless numbers of them to feel happy and confident in their smiles.

Depending on when you got your dentures you might not even be aware of some of the advances that have been made in dental care, and that’s the reason for today’s blog post. We don’t think you should have to suffer with the hassle of dentures any longer!

How Much Have Your Dentures Really Cost You?

When did you get your dentures – a few years ago? A decade ago? Longer? You may think that dentures were the best, most affordable choice, but consider the surrounding costs and how many times you’ve had to spend money on them:

  • denture adhesives
  • denture cleaners
  • repairs and adjustments
  • discomfort and pain relief

Just those four factors alone may have cost you thousands of dollars by now! When you consider your dentures in that light it becomes pretty apparent that the costs add up, and fast! No one wants to spend extra money just to keep their teeth from falling out, but you are spending it every day!

It’s pretty amazing when you realize that an entire industry exists to make money off the secondary costs of dentures, and you’re just lining their pockets with expenses here, there, and everywhere! Rather than spending all of that money that you’ve earned why not invest in a permanent alternative?

What’s My Other Choice?

In the perfect world you’d have a set of teeth replacements that you didn’t have to take out, right? Well that world is ours and we can offer teeth that are fixed in place that you can get in just one day! The solution is dental implants!

We focus in treating implant patients from start to finish in just one visit. Starting with an advanced 3D image of your mouth, teeth, and face area we’ll model the exact care you need. This precise imaging method gives us the ability to plan your care with an amazing level of detail and efficiency so that we’ll get you superior results!

Our teeth in a day system will involve the placement of four dental implants that are designed to bear the load of regular use from day one. You might feel a bit sensitive for a few days after you get your implants but you’ll actually be able to eat and smile without having to worry about your teeth falling out!

Called the One Day Smile Solution, these permanently attached full-mouth dental restorations will truly change your life. While the initial investment for a permanent set of ultra-realistic teeth might seem expensive you should consider it in the same way we talked about dentures: the long-term costs and benefits speak for themselves!

  • no more denture creams
  • no more pastes
  • no more adjustments
  • no more irritation
  • no more losing your teeth
  • they’re just as permanent and functional as the real thing!

It seems hard to believe when you’ve been wearing dentures for so long, but the solution that these permanent restorations can provide is phenomenal. You won’t regret investing in yourself like this!

To find out if our one-day teeth replacement solution is for you, call our New Albany dentist office today at (812) 945-7645! You can also request an appointment using our online appointment request form. We look forward to helping you truly enjoy your smile!

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