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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Come See Us No Matter Where You Live!

Our New Albany, Indiana dental practice sees a lot of patients, and not all of them are locals! Sure, the majority of the people who walk through our door are from New Albany, Clarksville, and Louisville but our reputation for great results has made us a destination for out-of-town patients looking for amazing care!

We’ve designed an entire system for patients visiting our New Albany dentist office from out of town. If you’re interested in traveling to see us so you can get advanced, state-of-the-art care then we’re here to help make your visit a reality!

Out Of Town Guests Don’t Need To Worry!

When you schedule an appointment at New Albany Implants you aren’t just getting a time slot in one of our chairs. You’re getting the expert knowledge and experience of our entire team, and that includes are talented patient care coordinators! Our team will handle your accommodations and will help you get from your hotel to our office without worry. We’ll even pick you up from the airport!

We’re proud of our ability to take care of all your dental needs in one place, a philosophy which extends to every aspect of your visit! We coordinate all your care needs, lodging, and transportation while you’re here in New Albany. You’ll feel truly cared for while you’re with us!

Staying a While?

While we always try to take care of our patients in one single appointment there are some procedures where you might need to be here for a few days. We’ll take care of your needs so you just have to think about your dental appointment!

If you’re going to be with us for a few days you might as well take the time to enjoy some of the sites of southern Indiana and Louisville as well – there’s plenty to do and see!

What Kind Of Treatment Do You Want?

There are a lot of dental procedures that we can do for out-of-town visitors in just a few days. We focus in dental implants and “teeth-in-one-day,” so you’ll be able to get a whole new smile in just a few appointments!

Dental implants are a revolutionary way to restore missing teeth. These small titanium screws are placed directly into your jaw where they bond with your bone and form a strong, secure connection that will perfectly mimic your natural teeth. We’ll place your implant and be able restore it with a temporary crown during a single visit. You’ll love the results we can provide!

Teeth-in-one-day is an implant system that enables you to get a full mouth restoration – not just a single tooth, but all of them – in just one visit. Using the One Day Smile Solution, we can place four dental implants that will be able to bear weight the same day we place them. We’ll attach a set of temporary teeth right after we place them – imagine walking out of our office with a whole new smile!

How Can We Do It All So Fast?

There’s a lot of discomfort associated with dental work, so how do we do so much in just one visit? The answer is just one more way in which we offer you exceptional service: a variety of sedation options! It isn’t uncommon for dentist offices to offer sedation, but at New Albany Implants we offer everything – even general anesthesia!

To get work done efficiently we can use sedation so that you simply fall asleep and wake up at the end of your appointment. Your work will be done without you even realizing it. Imagine going to sleep and waking up with a new smile: it’s a reality with us!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our out-of-town patient solutions, don’t hesitate to call our New Albany office at (812) 945-7645! You can also contact us by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to planning your future smile with you!

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