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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Dental Implants Make Life Easier

Hello and welcome to another June edition of the New Albany Implants blog!

We hope that your summer is off to a great start so far. That said, we know that some of you won’t feel much like smiling during this season of fun.

That’s why today we want to tackle a tough issue: adults living with missing teeth.

It can happen fast as the result of an accident, or slow on account of gum disease, tooth decay, and so forth. But here’s the thing: no matter what causes it, when you lose teeth as a grown up, it will be traumatic, frustrating, and a source of constant embarrassment. But to make matters worse, it will also adversely impact your health and wellness, because it prevents you from chewing high-fiber foods.

Our leader, Dr. Ron Receveur, knows firsthand what it is like to live without a tooth. That is why he has dedicated our Southern Indiana practice to helping folks address the aftermath of tooth loss and find the restorative solutions they deserve.

Our dental implant procedure is designed to reignite the health of your smile and boost your quality of life. So, if you are unhappy about your sagging facial structure, the holes in your smile, and your inability to eat the foods you love, you owe it to yourself to see what we can do for you here.

Read on to learn more about this life-changing treatment, and then be sure to follow up when you are finished so that you can arrange for your dental implant consultation in New Albany.

Just Two Steps

So that it can act as a foundation for a new “tooth,” the implant rod is strategically inserted into the jaw and allowed to fuse with the surrounding bone. This is called the “integration period” and generally takes about 8 weeks. Following the integration period you will come back to have the new crown, denture or permanent teeth affixed to the implant.

We should mention that you will NEVER leave our office without a complete-looking smile. Until sufficient healing has happened, we will set you up with temporary teeth restorations so that you won’t have to feel ashamed of your new smile-in-progress!

Your Looks Will Improve

After your implant procedure, you will once again have a normal smile and facial structure support. As such, your looks will be better than ever!

They Implants Will Feel Natural

Our implant and crown combination are designed to feel 100% natural in your mouth.

We aren’t saying it won’t take a little getting used to. But, we can assure you that dental implants are the only artificial option out there that won’t feel like prosthetics, which is saying a lot!

Your Biting Powers Will Return

When we are through with you, you will be able to bite with real power once again. That means you can start eating all the foods that keep your wellness on-track. Plus, you will be able to eat anything, with anyone, while enjoying complete confidence in your abilities.

A Real Investment In Your Happiness

If properly maintained, and they are real easy to care for, your implants should last the rest of your life. It’s great to be able to offer a solution that is that is so comfortable, durable, and stunning to look at. We can talk about pricing during your consultation, but it is hard to put a pricetag on all the future health and happiness that our implant procedures can deliver!

Come See For Yourself!

We hope that you have been inspired to take the next step towards a better smile! If you are ready to learn more, or get started, contact us online, or call our New Albany office today at (812) 945-7645. We’ll have you smiling again in no time!

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