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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

A Comprehensive Guide to Post-Dental Implant Placement Care

Recovery after dental implant surgery is a constant topic of conversation in our office. Patients are always weary of the processes that come after treatment and often have many questions regarding post-operative care. While this is something we will discuss in detail after your procedure, we’ve put together some of the most important points to remember for future reference and for patients who want to learn more prior to undergoing the procedure.

First things first; recovery period varies according to case. It will depend on the number of teeth affected, the state of your oral health, and most importantly, how you manage the post-operative process. You can avoid unnecessary pain and the onset of any complications by making a conscious effort to observe the following:

Medication and Hygiene

Take pain relievers and antibiotics accordingly; do not take the prescription for granted and follow it to a tee. Finish the entire course of antibiotics – this is a point we cannot stress enough. Some patients think that one or two days’ worth of antibiotics is enough or that it’s okay to miss a couple of dosages, but it really isn’t. Antibiotics kill bacteria and keep it away; this fact only emphasizes just how important it is to finish the course. As for maintaining oral hygiene, avoid brushing the area with the dental implant and dressing. Make sure to keep the affected area clean and undisturbed.


It’s important to stick to a soft diet for two to three weeks following the procedure. Try to chew only with your natural teeth as much as possible, and avoid applying too much pressure on the new implant. Moreover, you should also refrain from eating spicy or acidic food items. Drink plenty of liquids, but stay away from hot beverages as these may lead to the dissolving of protective blood clots and encourage bleeding.

Other Things to Remember

More than the observance of a proper diet and maintenance, it is also important avoid excessive physical exertion during the recovery period. Engaging in sports or exhausting physical activity may cause bleedings around the dental implant. On a relevant note, patients should also avoid smoking or drinking any alcohol. These slow down the healing process and may affect the tissues around the implant.

Observe these and the other guidelines we will recommend after treatment for optimal post-operative care. Along with attending scheduled follow-up appointments, these will ensure that your implants heal and function properly. Don’t hesitate to ask questions after treatment to settle any lingering thoughts you may have.

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