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Stay Updated on New Albany Implants


Stay Updated on New Albany Implants

Why Bother With Implants at Your Old Age?

You’ve probably heard it all: restored self-confidence, permanent replacement, and natural looking and functioning teeth. Yes, these are some of the benefits you can get from having dental implants. The question is – why are you still hesitant about this procedure?

If you ask us what we think, we have a strong feeling that this is about your age. At this stage in your life, you probably don’t see the point of going under the knife. You may be thinking you have only a few years left to live and you’d rather enjoy the money you could have spend on the treatment.

The truth is you will only prolong your suffering by settling for those ill-fitting dentures. Wouldn’t you want to look good, feel comfortable eating, and experience having a strong set of teeth? If these things can’t convince you, the future of your entire facial structure probably will.

Do you know that your jaw bone will eventually collapse because of tooth loss?

Whenever you lose a tooth, you lose mass in your jaw. This causes your face’s overall skeletal structure to eventually change. It will start with the thinning of your lips and the drooping of your cheeks. Soon enough, your gums will shrink and your face will look crumpled and emaciated. Although this may not sound as severe, wait until it changes your profile and lifestyle. People may not even recognize you from who you were before.

With the help of dental implants, you can prevent bone loss and even increase its density. It will not only keep your facial structure from collapsing, but also restore the health of your jaw bones. If you want to ensure the quality of your life for the coming years, this dental procedure is definitely a must for you. You have every reason to live the life you want regardless of your age.

If you want to know what dental implants can do for you, call us at (812) 945-7645. Your life is only about to begin and the best years of your life are still ahead of you.

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