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Galena, IN

We Specialize In Transforming Smiles and Boosting Confidence With Our Natural Looking Dental Implant Solutions

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Renew Your Smile With Dental Implants in Galena, IN

Rediscover the joy of a confident smile by choosing New Albany Implants for Zirconia dental implants. This modern option offers superior durability and hypoallergenic properties, making it ideal for patients desiring a healthy-looking smile and a long-term oral health solution. Unlike traditional metal implants, Zirconia implants blend effortlessly with your natural teeth, ensuring an impeccable finish that improves the aesthetics of your smile.

Our gifted dental team leverages advanced technology and aims to deliver an efficient, comfortable treatment experience. We are skilled at crafting Zirconia dental implants to precision, ensuring optimal comfort and a natural smile you’ll love showing off.

Why Choose Us

Visit New Albany Implants for advanced services and top-quality care and from dental professionals who have rebuilt a multitude of smiles. Don’t take risks when getting your oral health. A confident smile makes a great first impression.

Our Services

When you get teeth replacement with dental implants, then you can be confident that you can eat anything you want without pain. Implants give you a complete smile with a set of replacement teeth that look and feel natural.

Introducing The One Day Smile Solution™

The One Day Smile Solution™ is a revolutionary approach to dental implant procedures. As the name suggests, this unique offering from New Albany Implants is a full-mouth restoration technique that can be completed in a single day. We utilize advanced dental technology and an experienced team that executes the procedure meticulously, minimizing discomfort and recovery time for you.

Our IV sedation ensures a pain-free experience while our dental professionals flawlessly execute the procedure. This method replaces a complete set of teeth with just four implants, making it a more accessible and comfortable alternative for patients. The result is a bright, full smile that functions naturally and can last a lifetime.

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Exceptional Oral Care and Revamped Smiles

“The staff was very pleasant. They made sure I was as comfortable as possible and answered any questions I had. They encouraged to call back with any questions. When I did call, they happily provided me with answers. They were up front with cost of procedures prior to scheduling.”

Kim H.
Rating: 5

“The staff here is awesome, so very kind and accommodating with all of my quirks and needs. The process has been lengthy due to my gum and bone issues from a serious fall. There were numerous redos and fittings, all included with the initial cost. But the result: perfection! Thanks to all the staff.”

Betty S.
Rating: 5

“These people are awesome! There are not enough stars here to give them. I’m very satisfied in my treatment. Very professional and courteous. I would recommend Dr. Receveur and his staff to anyone who needs dental implants.”

Doug M.
Rating: 5

“This experience has by far been one of the best investments I’ve ever made! My only complaint is that I didn’t go to New Albany Implants sooner instead of wasting so much time and money trying to hold onto my natural teeth. These guys are the BEST!!!”

Jennifer C.
Rating: 5

Outstanding Reputation For Our Dental Implants

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The One Day Smile

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All-On-4™ Full Mouth

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The Smiles We’ve Helped Create With Our Dental Implants

Supported by 40+ Years of Service, Innovative Techniques, and Quality Care
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Contact us at New Albany Implants, and take the first step towards a happier, healthier you! Our team of professionals is more than ready to guide you through your dental implant journey. No matter your dental history, our aim is that you leave us with a vibrant, confident smile. It’s time to invest in yourself—experience the life-changing impact of customized oral care with dental implants. Call us today to schedule your consultation. Your brand-new smile is just one day away!

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