You Thought Cavities Were For Kids? Think Again!

When you were a child, you probably heard your parents tell you not to eat so many sweets because it was bad for your teeth. This was absolutely true! Kids really can’t be trusted to take thorough care of their teeth, and I’m sure that is no surprise to you! As you became an adult, you took better care of your teeth, and the threat of cavities became minimal. Now, some of you are entering a second stage of cavity threat, and it’s a serious concern!

The primary cause isn’t too many sweets (though we aren’t counting that out). Actually, the new threat of cavities comes from recurring dry mouth. As you age, you begin to have more trouble with your health, so you begin to take prescription medications on a regular basis. A huge number of those common prescriptions have a dry mouth warning on the side of the bottle. Are you digging through your medicine cabinet yet? Find out which of your meds might be causing you trouble, and talk with your general practitioner to see if you might switch.

What to do?

You might not be able to get a different prescription. In that case, you need to start being intentional about fighting dry mouth before it has a chance to take hold. See, dry mouth causes cavities because there’s no saliva to wash away the bacteria and food particles in your mouth. Since your body isn’t producing the saliva, you have to force that process. You can start by drinking plenty of water. Chew sugarless gum (especially after a meal), and keep a humidifier running while you sleep.

Start paying attention to your mouth. If you notice it feeling dry, it is time to take action. Don’t let cavities form after decades of holding them off! Use the tips we provided for you, and then give us a call! We can help you sort through your medications and come up with a plan to improve your mouth’s atmosphere. Go grab a glass of ice water, and let’s get started!

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