What’s So Special About Your New Albany Dentist’s IV Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is one of the most revolutionary tools available today in dentistry. It’s a method that can be rendered during a wide array of procedures and simultaneously help patients overcome their fear of the dental chair. Your New Albany implant dentist uses sedation to place dental implants – or for patients who have an overwhelming fear of the dentist.

This probably isn’t your first time hearing about sedation dentistry. Dentists have used tools like nitrous oxide for decades. This is the lowest form of sedation. It helps takes the edge off and wears off quickly, but it is not the best option for patients who need extensive dental work – or for those who have a debilitating fear of the dentist.

At New Albany Implants, we offer all forms of sedation – including IV sedation. Dr. Receveur has studied with some of the best sedation dentists in the world to ensure that he renders safe IV sedation to his patients. IV sedation has the ability to turn even the most terrified dental patients into patients who love visiting the dentist.

Here are a few reasons why Dr. Receveur is such a big proponent of IV sedation:

There’s a Big Difference Between IV Sedation and Oral Sedation
Patients undergoing oral sedation typically take a pill before their dental visit, usually Trizolam or Lorazepam. This sedation method is certainly effective – Dr. Receveur has completed some major reconstruction work using oral sedation – but it does not give patients that deep level of sedation. Oral sedation is also less predictable than IV sedation, meaning it’s harder to manage and takes at least 20 minutes to kick in. This is less an ideal if the patient needs another dose of sedation during the procedure. IV sedation works instantly and can be adjusted during the procedure.

We usually encourage patients with a mild fear of the dentist to consider oral conscious sedation and reserve IV sedation for our most fearful patients.

The Power of IV Sedation
IV sedation is a sedation method that can help even the most terrified patients overcome their fear of the dentist. The great thing about IV sedation is that patients rarely remember anything about the procedure. Dr. Receveur’s IV sedation works instantly and is closely monitored throughout the patient’s treatment. New Albany Implants has two surgical suites designed for patient comfort. Dr. Receveur uses the suites for patients undergoing complicated procedures like the One Day Smile Solution or multiple procedures at one time.

Select What’s Best For You
Every sedation patient is different. Before your treatment, Dr. Receveur will sit down with you and discuss your options. If you have a mild fear of the dentist, you can probably benefit from our oral sedation, but Dr. Receveur recommends that patients terrified of the dentist consider IV sedation.

The most important thing about sedation dentistry is to decide what is right for you. Our goal with any form of sedation is to get patients in the chair to receive the dental their need. After a view visits using our sedation methods, we hope you’ll never need it again!

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