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We hope you have an amazing vacation planned for this season (and we hope you saved room in your suitcase to take us with you)! The best vacations involved exploring a new place, finding new foods to love, and getting to know a part of the world that you’ve never known before. If you have a vacation like that planned, we really want a place in that suitcase! On a more serious side, going to a new place takes quite a bit more planning, especially if you consider the possibility of a dental emergency.

When you are preparing for a trip to somewhere new, there are some things to consider:

1) Are you prepared? It’s important to know where emergency services are while you are traveling. This is especially true if you have dental work in your mouth, like crowns and bridges, that could chip or break. It’s not difficult to find a hospital in most cities, but finding a dentist who is available for emergencies isn’t as easy. Take a minute to do some research online, and be prepared just in case.

2) Plan your dental procedure around vacation. The last thing you want is to be recovering from a dental procedure while you are on vacation! If you’re planning to have work done, have it done several weeks before your vacation so that you can heal and have a follow up appointment before your trip. If that’s not possible, maybe postpone your work until after the vacation so that you can enjoy yourself fully.

3) Have a check up before you leave. It’s important to have a dental check up before you go on an extended vacation because it will lower the risk of having a tooth-related problem while on vacation. We can make sure everything is in tip top shape so that you can enjoy your stay! This gives us a chance to make any minor adjustments we need to do before you leave and ensures that you won’t have a dental worry on your mind while you’re gone!

Preparing for vacation is a lot of work, but the more preparation you can take care of ahead of time, the less worry you’ll have while you’re actually away. Contact us today for more dental related vacation tips! Hope to hear from you soon!

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